We're talking wedding websites today and I'd like to introduce you all to WeddingWoo, a fresh, new way to create beautiful and simple wedding websites easily.

If you're thinking what exactly is a wedding website? And do I really need one?

Then read on to discover the super helpful (and fun!) part they have to play in planning your wedding.

A wedding website is a place to share your love story and your cheesiest, loved up photos, as well as all the essential, practical info for your wedding day itself so that your guests know how to get there, where to stay and all the other nitty gritty that comes with attending a wedding.

Complete with clickable links to the relevant websites, resources and maps at their fingertips!

If you're like me, and the thought of coding a wedding website yourself makes you break out in a cold sweat, WeddingWoo is for you.

The folks at WeddingWoo get that there are a million and one things to think about when planning your wedding, there are endless choices and decisions to be made and learning how to code and / or decipher photoshop isn't high on your agenda.

So they provide a simple, easy to navigate (and understand) interface as well as simple but beautiful design choices and fabulous features.

 WeddingWoo Features

– Stunning full page background design

The design features a gorgeous full page background image, focusing the attention on the bride and groom. A visual, modern way to share your story for the special occasion.

There are numerous possibilities to create a personable and unique wedding website because of the various personalization options to change the layout, fonts, and colors. You aren't restricted to a specific set of themes that is typical elsewhere: many themes can get stale after a while and there are usually limitations on what you can customize.

– Live preview design editing

An intuitive, simple tool built to effortlessly design your wedding website that doesn't demand guess work. Every design change is immediately previewed right in front of you. No designer nor coding skills necessary.

– Elegant, simple dashboard

A straightforward, easy-to-use dashboard that publishes your wedding content in a breeze. All your photos, stories, registries, wedding party members, and wedding day information can be organized and published easily.

– Accept online RSVP responses

A highly customizable online RSVP form to easily collect replies from guests directly from WeddingWoo. No more headaches with snail mail and the mess of organizing mailed responses.

– Insta-import your Instagram photos

Importing and sharing your Instagram photos on WeddingWoo is super easy. Simply connect your Instagram account, choose the photos you'd like to import and you'll have your photos effortlessly imported to WeddingWoo that you can share with your guests.

– Simple Pricing

Pay a flat fee for either 1 or 2 years and receive a hosted, fully-featured wedding website. That's it. No monthly fees. No annoying upsells. No surprises.

– Worry-Free Hosting

Relax. Don't worry about bandwidth nor storage restrictions. Your wedding website will be highly available for your guests. One less thing to think about for your wedding.

Examples Of Wedding Websites by WeddingWoo

Here are some examples of the kind of wedding websites you can create with WeddingWoo.

Why I Rate WeddingWoo

So I had a little play on WeddingWoo and here's what I personally love about it:

– The ease and simplicity of it all really appeals to me.

– It's perfect for couples who aren't particularly techy and for couples who'd rather spend their time on planning their actual wedding day than building and designing the website to tell guests about their day.

– I managed to make a wedding website filled with (faux) wedding information and photos in about 15 minutes. And I'm pretty sure my technophobe dad could do it in under half an hour! Yes, WeddingWoo really is that simple to use. *

– The reasonable price – it's a one off purchase ($39 for 1 year or $59 for two) no monthly fees or sneaky add ons.

– I can't think of a lovelier, more perfect homepage design for a wedding website than a full screen photo of you and your love or your favourite place / memory!

Wedding Woo is currently offering a free 7 day trial (without any pesky credit card details involved) so why not go have a play and see just how easy it is to create a simple, beautiful wedding website!

*If you met my dad you would appreciate the huge emphasis on the word ‘that'!

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