Today it is an absolute pleasure to share the talented Anushe Low's photography. Her images are beautiful, timeless and thoughtful. Tomi and Jules had a Nigerian and a traditional church wedding to celebrate their heritage.

Here, Anushe shares her thoughts on their beautiful Nigerian ceremony:

Wow what a wedding ceremony that was! I really didn’t know what to expect as I’d never been to a Nigerian wedding before and what a fantastic day it was! Visually it was super colourful and the singing and dancing started almost immediately. Tomilade’s 90-something year old granny danced the most I think! The ladies hosting the ceremony vocalised so nicely all the emotion, love, humor and joy that weddings are about. The day was filled with big headresses, crazy drum beats, a heck of a lot of Nigerian money, laughter, tears and a lot of love. It was enthralling, I absolutely loved it.

{Money plays a big part in Nigerian engagement and wedding ceremonies, it is offered to the bride, groom and their families from guests.}

{Don't you think Tomi's green traditional dress is absolutely stunning against the beautiful green scenery?}

{This looks like so much more fun than having a gift list!}

Venue-East Bierley Golf Club

I've never been to a Nigerian wedding but I sure want to now! It looks amazing!

Here's a little peek at Tomi and Jules' church wedding to show you the contrast between their two, beautiful weddings {both with a gorgeous green theme and amazing scenery!}

If you would like to see more of Tomi and Jule's church wedding, also photographed by Anushe, click here.

I want to wish Tomi and Jules every happiness for their future life together and thank Anushe for kindly sharing her work on Bridal Musings.

Visit Anushe's website to see more of her wonderful photography, and visit her blog to keep up to date on all her latest shoots.