*Sadly Jux will be closed as of August 31, 2013 – this is due to slow growth and lack of further investment. Sad times for many storytellers – if you have created a site there you can retrieve your content before the platform closes down.*

What's Jux?

Simply put, Jux is a beautiful showcase for your stories.

It's an innovative and free photo sharing / portfolio / blogging / website platform.

On Jux you can share words, photos and videos easily and with maximum impact.

Fullscreen, edge to edge, on every screen. From your desktop to your iPad and iPhone.

The personal, visual, storytelling nature of Jux lends itself perfectly to the world of weddings.

Because, let's face it, love stories are the best type of stories!

(Admittedly I may be a little biased.)

Jux For Weddings

Getting married is an exciting time, so why not document it?!

Jux is your creative space to share your love and tell your story.

Creating a beautiful (and free) personalised wedding website has never been easier.

I created a mini Jux site  www.bridalmusings.jux.com complete with love quote, slideshow and video in under 15 minutes.

And I loved the whole process. If you're a creative type or a very visual person, I suspect you're going to love the look and feel of it too.

(You can also use your own custom domain name eg. JohnnyLovesRosey.com if you'd prefer.)

Feel free to go take a look at my Jux site – that's the homepage below – there's even a sneak peek of a gorgeous shoot that's coming up later today!

Jux Weddings 4

Here's one of the posts I made…

I simply paired a beautiful photo and a beautiful quote.

Et voila!

Full screen, Jux Wedding gold. And isn't that quote wonderful?

(photo by Troy Grover Photography – see the full chic summer wedding here)

Telling Your Wedding Story Using Jux

Let's consider the possibilities…

Why not share:

How You Met – Fate? Blind Date?

The Proposal – Reflect on the always important question of “how'd he propose?”, post photos of your new bling, and make a slideshow of engagement party photos.

Inspirations – One can dream…keep track of the things you love – dreamy dresses, fabulous flowers & cakes too pretty to eat.

Wedding Info – Provide your guests with an online wedding itinerary, transportation and lodging, and whatever else they may find useful.

The Big Day – A gorgeous slideshow of the wedding service and reception, complete with custom captions and design.

Honeymoon – A sleek and romantic travel log.

Be sure to check out Jux's 6 Reasons To Jux Your Wedding for even more ideas.

A Real Bride's Review Of Jux

I'd like to introduce you to Grace, the bride behind Becoming Mrs Kim who has crafted a truly magical document of her wedding day.

(And who is continuing to document her life and travels with Mr Kim – post nuptials!)

I had been looking for an outlet like Jux for a while. My background is in PR and graphic design, and I really hate pretty much all the traditional blog sites out there. I really wanted something that was simple, versatile and could add diversity and a way to make my words a visual element in themselves.

I was so excited when I stumbled upon Jux during my hunt for an alternative way to share my wedding story.

I really think that Jux could be the perfect outlet for brides! It's so simple to use and offers a beautiful “empty slate” to work with.

(I recently convinced my best friend…who is NOT tech-savvy to start her own Jux blog!).

Jux Weddings 6

(photos of Grace and Charles' wedding by Sunglow Photography)

Jux For Wedding Professionals

Are you a wedding photographer, a planner, dress designer, florist…or anyone else with pretty photos of your work to share?

Want a beautiful (and easy) way to share your portfolio of wedding goodness?

How about a way to blog your latest happenings and goings on that doesn't feel like such hard work?

Then Jux is for you.

The Jux Interface

Jux is very user-friendly – there's no scary ‘backend' filled with widgets and plugins and no html knowledge necessary.

Everything on Jux happens on-screen immediately, so you can see straight away if that font works or you'd like to change a particular photo.

Here's how it works:

Step 1 – choose what type of post you'd like to create from a quote, article, single photo, video, slideshow, countdown or Streetview.

Step 2 – Insert the photo (s) and text you'd like to use.

Step 3 – Customise the colours / font and layout.

Why I Love Jux

– The whole experience of creating and sharing your wedding story on Jux is immersive, innovative, creative and intuitive.

– It's completely free – which is a rarity in the expensive world of weddings.

– You can create a website and begin to get to grips with the interface in a matter of minutes.

– It's not all about photos – add quotes, articles, song lyrics and even your vows.

– It's a great feeling to be able to explore your Jux site on your iPad and iPhone by swiping and scrolling.

Like your very own ipad wedding magazine!

– Being a bit of a social media junkie I particularly love the different ways in which you can share your stories with your friends, family and followers and that you can easily pull photos from your Instagram feed too!

– There are some neat, modern fonts. (Though this is one area, I'm hoping Jux will improve upon to provide a wider selection of fonts.)

Love looks even better in full screen – don't you think?

Head on over to Jux to find out more. You can also find Jux on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Juxing lovelies!

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Ps. This isn't wedding related but good to know all the same, Jux is also great for creating a personal portfolio or visual CV similar to About.Me.