Shaneen from Rosewarne Cox Photography is a truly lovely person and really passionate about photography! It's such a privilege and a pleasure to feature her today.

I've been lucky enough to have two photoshoots with Shaneen and both times she charmed me with her friendly banter and all round lovely manner. The first time was my vintage boudoir shoot, in which she made me feel at ease wearing an apron and not much else {no easy feat} and the second time was my Art Deco Inspired/Festival Chic Rock The Dress Shoot featured recently on Love My Dress.

After each shoot with Shaneen, I left feeling good about myself, happy and excited to see the photos! And each time I saw them, I was so pleased, my heart did a little jump for joy! Especially when I saw this one…

{If I could, I'd use this photo for my driving license, passport and anything else that required a photo of me!}

So let's find out more about the talented lady behind the lens…

Name: Shaneen Rosewarne Cox (Rosewarne Cox Photography)

Location/Coverage: Bedfordshire/Anywhere & everywhere

Describe yourself in 3 words:

I’m awful at answering these kind of questions so I asked my hubby- “innovative, creative & loving” his very sweet suggestions. Aren’t I lucky?!

Describe your photography style in 3 words: Retro, Colourful, Unique

When did your love affair with photography begin?

I used to paint portraits with the help of an artists projector. I found I was having more fun taking the photographs for my portraits than actually painting them. When my son was born my obsession escalated. I’m pretty sure he is the most photographed child in the world.

What inspires you?

My family. I recently lost my mum, brother and grandmother. I treasure every single photograph I have of them. My mum took hundreds of thousands of photographs when we were children and now, years down the line they are absolutely priceless. I love nothing more than helping others create the same sort of legacy.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

It’s amazing how quickly the mind forgets, we are always changing and capturing special moments that can be relived every time you look at your photographs is the best part of my job for sure.

What is your favourite wedding moment to capture on camera?

The speeches are always the most fun for me. Everyone is so relaxed by this point and it’s when you get to see people at their most natural. There are usually so many moments between the bride, groom and their families to capture.
I’m also a fan of the ‘getting ready’ photographs. I love that I get to be a part of the girly, make up filled and giggles part of the day.

What advice would you give to couples to help them to get the best from their wedding photography?

Have a short list of ‘must have’ shots but ultimately trust in your photographer, let them do their thing… it will result in the best photograph’s.

What is your current wedding-related obsession?

I’m all about the shoes, both for the bride and groom! My hubby wore a fantastic pair of black, subtly sparkly Red or Dead shoes on our wedding day. As a bride the options are endless but luckily there seems to be more and more options available to our lovely grooms in the accessories side of things.

Out of all the weddings you have photographed, which photo makes you go ‘Wow!’ every-time you see it?

I’ve got so many shots that I loved from Stuart & Vicki’s wedding in Greece. The couple are friends of ours and were so obviously relaxed and happy all day that my job was so easy. Not to mention the perfectly beautiful surroundings!

I adore this one particular shot though, I had it in my mind before we even headed out to Greece and on the day the light, setting, and Stuart & Vicki’s ability to look ever so glam clinging on to the back of a slightly bumpy boat in Rhodes meant it turned out just as I envisioned.

How perfect is that shot?! And don't those gorgeous destination wedding photos make you yearn for a big, fat, chic, Greek wedding?!

Thank you so much to Shaneen for sharing her gorgeous photos and the inspiration behind them. I'm sure you all felt your heart wrench, hearing about her tragic losses. It shows you just how important the memories captured in photos are and how we should treasure them and our loved ones every day. Looking at these photos, it's clear that Shaneen is providing families, couples and individuals with beautiful photos to treasure forever.

Now on a very exciting note, please join me in wishing Shaneen and her husband all the best as they are expecting their second child VERY soon!

To see more of Shaneen's stunning photos visit her website or her Facebook page where she shares her latest work. Also, Shaneen kindly let me feature one of her gorgeous Rock The Dress Shoots way back when Bridal Musings was only a teeny tiny week old! {Go check it out…it's awesome!}