Super creative wedding planners, Pocketful of Dreams are back with their latest instalment of helpful wedding planning advice.

If you've been following along with our Expert Wedding Planning Tips series, you'll know how clever those Pocketful of Dreams ladies are – this time Michelle and Vicki are sharing their top tips on one of my favourite aspects of wedding planning – colour palettes!

Today we are back on Bridal Musings, talking about colours and how to choose the right colour palette for your wedding.

Quite often the first thing that couples think about when considering the design of their wedding day is the colours they will use. And your colour palette certainly is important, as it will help to set the tone of your day. Soft, blush shades will help to bring to life a dreamy, romantic look whilst strong jewel shades might be more appropriate for a bolder day full of vibrancy.

However, it’s important to think about a colour palette in the context of a number of other elements and so we’re sharing our top tips for finding the perfect tones for your day:

Let your Wedding Design Concept Guide You

It’s tempting to jump straight in and think about colours but the most natural palette will fall out of a solid design concept. As you search for inspiration, look for colours that you are consistently drawn to. Play around with different combinations and consider how they make you feel and whether they fit with your wedding day style.

As you narrow your inspirations down to create a mood board, look to see which colours are naturally coming through. These should form the basis of your colour palette.

Alice Swedenborg via Love My Dress

The Psychology of Colour

Colours have an amazing ability to evoke strong psychological responses and can affect both moods and emotions so you may want to think about what you are communicating through your colour palette. A strong cherry red for example is typically associated with vibrancy, excitement and passion so could be the perfect accent colour for a fun, energetic day or perhaps a more sultry and high-end glamour look. Think back to the type of day you’re trying to create and consider whether the colours you are looking at fit naturally into your vision.

Deidre Lynn Photography  Via Life Is Beautiful

Consider the Venue

Think about the colours that exist within your venue; are the walls, carpets and décor in natural shades or bright, vibrant colours? It’s important to make sure that you select a palette that complements your venue. This will avoid too many colours fighting for attention and often means you can invest less in décor by making the most of what is already there.

 Jose Villa via Modern Wedding

Be Brave

Have the confidence to put together colours that work for you and evoke a strong emotional reaction. Unexpected colour combinations like mint and buttercup yellow can look stunning so don’t be afraid to experiment. Similarly, the seasons are quite often used as a guide for determining your colour palette but just because you’re getting married in Spring doesn’t mean you can’t opt for stronger shades if that is what best brings to life your vision.

Chad Cress via Pocketful of Dreams

Creating Your Colour Palette

By considering all of the above you should now have a few key colours that you’d like to work with. Now we need to transform those few colours into a full palette, giving you a range of complementary shades and tones. Remember, working with just one colour which you religiously match everything to will create a look which is very contrived – not to mention probably drive you mad in the process! We’re aiming for a more natural, seemingly effortless but oh-so-stylish look.

First off, identify one or two leading colours. Remember they may be your hero colours but that doesn’t mean you have to use them everywhere. For bright, vibrant shades in particular you can have too much of a good thing so use them sparingly as an accent colour where they will have maximum impact.

Remember to think about your supporting acts in the colour palette; neutral tones like creams, taupes, fawns and greys can all add a depth and effortless look to your final design. If you’re unsure about selecting these colours then refer back to your mood board; what are the background shades that are working with the main players?

You are aiming for a final palette of complementary colours – they don’t have to all be the same shade but they should work comfortably as a set. If you’re unsure about your colour combination then Pinterest is a fabulous resource for searching for different colour palettes.

Carla Ten Eyck via A Jubilee Event

Working With Your Chosen Colour Palette

Colours can look very different on screen and are hugely open to interpretation (if I say purple for instance, do I mean a soft lilac or a deep, rich aubergine?) so once you’ve got a good idea of the colour palette you want, it can be useful to either get a reference from a Pantone chart book or pop to your local fabric or DIY shop to pick up fabric swatches or paint colour charts which you can use as a physical reference point to share with suppliers.

And don’t forget, the above tips are designed merely to guide your decision; think of them as areas to consider rather than a strong set of rules. Ultimately, your colour palette should flow naturally from the work you’ve already done around defining your wedding day style and your design concept so focus on finding a palette that evokes the emotional response that you’re looking for from your day.

Elizabeth Messina via Ciao Bella Styles

And, as always, here’s your ‘cut out and keep’ / ‘pinnable’ image to save in your wedding planning folder / board.

A pretty little recap of these Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colour Palette…

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Huge thanks to Michelle and Vicki of Pocketful of Dreams for sharing this fab insight into their world – they certainly know a thing or two about pretty palettes and creative colour combinations. Just take a look at their website and portfolio!

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