There will come a time in every wedding blogger's life when she {or he} has to mention the following three words:

The Royal Wedding

That time is upon me my friends and, even though I've resisted for quite some time, I must admit I'm actually starting to get quite excited about the big day!

With so many bizarre, tacky, funny and awful ideas/merchandising riding on the back of it {Crown Jewels Condoms anyone?!} it's refreshing to see something related to the Royal Wedding that is utterly fantastic:

Ad men Nick Pringle and Clark Edwards got a bunch of top visual artists to come up with their spin on a Royal wedding invite and the results, from the sneak peeks on the R.S.V.P.H.R.H blog and the artists' websites are fantastically creative and eclectic! There is an exhibition of the designs happening tonight.

Check out the genius poster:

Get it? As I said, genius.

Now, let's compare and contrast…

This is the actual, official royal invite:

Standard. Basic. Boring.

And here are a couple of the alternative versions created for R.S.V.P.H.R.H:

{by Andy Smith}

{by Kyle Bean}

The exhibition is TONIGHT so if you're based in London, and fancy seeing a shed load of creativity, I bet it'll be brilliant! {Don't forget to RSVP first:} The great thing is that the designs are being printed as one off, large scale digital prints which will be auctioned. The profit made from the sale of each print will go to a charity chosen by the artist responsible.

Check out the R.S.V.P.H.R.H blog to see sneak peeks of the designs. I'm also hoping they'll post the finished designs after the exhibition too!

{Thanks to a post on the fabulous stationers Hello Lucky's Facebook page for introducing me to the R.S.V.P.H.R.H project. Featured image on homepage by Frater}

So, which invite would you be most pleased to find waiting for you on your doormat?