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Today those Pocketful Of Dreams ladies are sharing their tried and tested tips and tricks on how to ‘set the scene' at your wedding.

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So you’ve taken the time to define your wedding day vision, you’ve created the most beautiful of mood boards and you’ve been busy crafting, sourcing, planning and generally spending all your time consumed by Project Wedding.

But how do you ensure that you set the scene so that come the day itself, everyone experiences the vision that you’ve worked so hard to bring to life? Based on our experience as creative event designers, here are our top tips…


In your excitement to get the date in everyone’s diary it can be tempting to send out your invitations before you’ve given any real thought to the day you want. But remember, your invitations are the first true introduction your guests will have to your wedding day; they help to set the tone and give a hint as to what people can expect.

Take the time to think about the design of your invitations as well as the information you provide. Yes, you want your invitations to be beautiful but not at the expense of critical information that your guests need, such as timings, local accommodation and directions. Consider all of these details so they can be incorporated into the design rather than stuffed into an envelope at the last minute or just forgotten all together.

Providing key information will reassure guests that they’re going to be well taken care of which will only serve to heighten the excitement and anticipation for your day.

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Guide Expectations

If you’re trying something a little different for your wedding you may have some concerns as to how your guests are going to react. Well, in our experience, we find your loved ones will be more than happy to accept, embrace and often welcome something a little out of the norm. The key is to let people know what to expect.

Now we’re not saying you should give away all your plans in advance but if for example you fancy incorporating a lighthearted bake-off competition into your reception, then make sure you give people lots of notice and emphasise this is just a bit of fun; you don’t want Aunty Doris losing sleep with worry over her cherry bakewell. If you’re skipping traditions and carving out your own day then that’s great, we applaud you! But helping people understand your vision in advance will help things run more smoothly on the day and enable your guests to really get into the spirit of things.

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Manage Your Guests’ Arrival

It’s the little things that often make the biggest difference at an event. We know logistics aren’t fun but if you have booked a beautiful but remote venue, then pre-arm your guests with maps (they can be beautiful, hand drawn ones), arrange for signs to be put up as people near the venue and generally make life as easy as possible for people to find you. You want the day to start with everyone feeling relaxed and content; not fraught and highly-strung.

And if you have guests travelling from afar then again, set the scene for a welcoming and heartfelt day by ensuring that there is someone there to greet them with a smile, a cold drink or even a cup of hot chocolate upon their arrival. Believe us, it will make all the difference.

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Signposting Throughout The Day

The same rule applies throughout your day. Things can fall down a little bit when people don’t know where they’re supposed to be going or what’s happening next – even at the most traditional of weddings there can be questions about when to throw confetti or where to go after the ceremony.

Take away the uncertainty by having little signs, directions included on your order of service and ushers on hand to guide people. This doesn’t have to be overbearing; cute signage will not only put people at ease, it also adds an additional décor element to your day with huge scope for creativity.

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Follow Your Concept Through

So often all your hard work can be let down by little things on the day which don’t quite follow your concept through. Think about all the stages of the day, the atmosphere you are trying to create and how this will be brought to life.

If for example, you are dreaming of a relaxed and laidback day, then allow for a degree of flexibility in your timings. Nothing will ruin that chilled out vibe quicker than a militant timetable and a clock-watching bride. Aiming for romantic elegance? Make sure you have soft lighting to complement your design; harsh fluorescent lights will jar with your delicate touches.

By considering the logistics behind your day all these elements can be managed to ensure that you set the scene perfectly and fulfill your wedding vision.

And, as always, here’s your ‘cut out and keep’ / ‘pinnable’ image to save in your wedding planning folder / board.

Huge thanks to Michelle and Vicki the creative wedding planners behind Pocketful of Dreams for sharing these super helpful tips.

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