Hello gorgeous ones!

I've got a new weekly feature for you.

Every weekend I'll be sharing a short and sweet post on something I've fallen in love with over the week – an editor's pick, if you will, from all manner of chic / pretty / unique wedding things.

Let's start with something fun, shall we?

Bridal Musings loves…wedding flashcards!

These wedding flashcards are such a brilliant concept, I often find myself thinking there is far too much jargon associated with weddings – ‘corkage' anyone?

There are particular words and phrases that you only ever come across when planning a wedding – ‘first look', ‘recessional', ‘the wedding breakfast' (which is actually not breakfast at all but dinner).

As well as weird, slightly worrying, abbreviations like MOB (mother of the bride) and, worst of all, STD!

Learn To Speak Wedding: Flashcards For Beginners would make the perfect engagement or bridal shower gift.

Fun, educational and utterly gorgeous, in a gilded, sophisticated way.

But you'd expect nothing less given that luxury wedding planner, Annie Lee of Daughter of Design authored them and Ceci New York illustrated them.

What wedding jargon have you come across during your wedding planning?