Did you see part one of Enchanted Atelier's latest collection?

It's time for more other-wordly gorgeousness from Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart who has collaborated with Sophie Hallette – the famed, French lace makers who have been hand looming the loveliest lace for over 120 years.

They provide lace for couture fashion designers the world over and even created the famous lace used in Kate Middleton's iconic wedding dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Liv Hart was commissioned by Sophie Hallette to create a couture accessories collection using that very same Leaver's lace pattern!

And here it is in all it's glory, photographed to iconic, black & white perfection by Millie B Photography.

There's sparkly sashes, whimsical floral headpieces, vintage inspired headbands and breath-takingly beautiful veils in abundance.

The classic beauty of lace is a natural match for exceptional design, especially when it is resolutely modern in style, as exemplified in the special collection of accessories created by Liv Hart. We love the delicacy of her work, the exquisite attention to detail, demonstrating a woman's touch. Our lace and Liv's creations share the same commitment to timeless elegance.

– Romain Lescroart, CEO Sophie Hallette

Behind The Scenes in New York

One of the highlights of my time at Bridal Fashion Week in New York was attending the Enchanted Atelier showcase.

I was so excited to meet the lady behind the gorgeous creations I'd been coveting ever since I first laid eyes on them.

The showcase was held alongside other Bridal Musings faves, Sareh Nouri bridal gowns and Aruna Seth shoes in the light, airy and utterly incredible Penthouse Suite of The London Hotel, NYC. The views over Central Park were mind blowing!

Liv gave me and my fellow wedding bloggers (and Bridal Market buddies) Megan of Glamour and Grace and Lauren of Every Last Detail a warm welcome and, along with the help of her beautiful model bride, showed us a selection of her exquisite new designs.

We even got a glimpse of how she expertly styles her veils, headpieces and hairpins, pairing them in unique ways to dramatic effect.

I seriously want a wedding do over so I can wear one of these beautiful veils over my face with a sparkly halo headpiece placed gently over the top. (Like this.) It's such a romantic bridal look!

Liv waited patiently as us bloggers oohed and ahhed over each design and, like 6 year old children, requested ‘just one more' as we had so many favourites we wanted to see in person from the new collection!

One of my faves is the innovative ‘Flora' headpiece, a flexible, vintage inspired headpiece that can be placed on the head/in the hair in a number of different, beautiful ways. For example, first Liv styled it as a coiled, statement headpiece fitted to one side of the model's head, then fanned it out and wrapped it around the top of her chignon for a more subtle sparkle. (As seen above.)

(Black and white photos by Millie B Photography)

(Rubbish iphone photos by me)

Liv's model, Leanne, was such a pro, all coy smiles and pretty ‘staring into the distance' poses. She said that she absolutely loved modelling Liv's pieces and would wear them everyday if she could.

After seeing Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart‘s designs in person, I feel exactly the same.

I mean, would it really be so weird to wear a fine, French, lace edged veil and statement headpiece on a Thursday afternoon…?

(By the way, you can see more gorgeous professional behind the scenes shots from this NYC showcase over on Burnett's Boards.)