A few weeks before our wedding I got my first set of lash extensions and I LOVED them! It was amazing waking up with Bambi eyelashes, with no need to put mascara on or even any eyeliner as they were so black, thick and gorgeous!

However, my initial love of them was soon tainted by the itchiness and discomfort I had to endure as they grew out. All I wanted to do was rub my eyes vigourously but I couldn't…then, to add insult to injury, my own lashes started to fall out with the extensions!!!

A month after the wedding I ended up with stumpy, sparse lashes, which even my favourite mascara Maybelline Volume Mascara {possibly the best thickening mascara in the world?!} couldn't do much with.

So I started researching lash serums…

I read many rave reviews of Rapid Lash by independent reviewers and checked out the press section of the website…Vogue even named it one of their stand out products of 2010!

So, as it had Vogue's critical seal of approval, I thought I'd give it a whirl. It was quite weird parting with £40 of my hard earned cash for a little tube of serum which I couldn't be sure would actually make a difference to my lashes. But I'm so glad I did, I used the ‘magic' wand, just like a clear eyeliner pen, every night before bed and within 4 weeks I had longer, fuller looking lashes. I was so impressed! I think it's money very well spent indeed-especially as one tube lasts well beyond the 8 week mark!

My lashes look far longer than before I had my run in with the extensions, they seem a little darker too and there are more of them. They don't seem to have changed thickness but many other reviewers have said their lashes {and eyebrows} were much thicker after using Rapid Lash too!

Brides, if you are considering eyelash extensions, I highly recommend you try Rapid Lash first because your own lashes could end up long, luscious and looking beautiful with simply a little slick of good old Maybelline Volume Mascara! {Waterproof, of course, for all those wedding day tears!} Then you won't have to worry about itchy eyes and sparse lashes come your honeymoon!

Anyone else a Rapid Lash fan?