Hello lovely readers,

I do hope you had a jolly good weekend!

(I'm back home in England for a few weeks so I thought I'd use a bit of the ol' Downtown Abbey lingo.)

We're kick starting the week with Amy and John's sweet, sparkly, peach and gold wedding featuring a beautiful, beaming bride, a singing groom and a gorgeous garden filled with their closest friends and family.

I'm obsessed with the bridesmaid's dresses in mismatched but complimentary tones, textures and hues. Think blush pink, ivory and metallic shades mixed with layers of chiffon, ruffles and glittering brocade.

For the reception, long dining tables were adorned with hessian table runners, ivory candles in antique, gilded holders and light airy baby's breath centrepieces. While blush pink and cream pashminas wrapped around mahogany chair backs created a soft, romantic effect and made practical and pretty favors!

It's such a pleasure to share these love, laughter and light filled photos by Brooke Courtney Photography with you all today.

Wedding Style + Colour Palette

Light, airy, romantic and FUN! That was my main goal, so that everyone knew we were there to have a good time!! I mean it is a celebration after all!

For the colors, I just wanted it to be light and airy, so we went with a blush theme. I'm not super into “themes” – themed parties, themed rooms, etc. So, I wanted something pretty neutral and earthy. I also wanted all my bridesmaid to feel special, too. And, what else could make them feel their best, then picking out their own dresses, all their own style! It came together so perfectly! We actually all couldn't wait to see all the dresses together, we felt like we would all either look like a traveling circus, or it would look perfect! And, I loved how it turned out!!

For the guys, I wanted them in three piece suits, I've always loved that look and we choose a navy suit to compliment the blush tones. I love the guy's suits. They all looked so sharp!

The Venue

We chose Greenville Country Club in Wilmington because of the gardens. We wanted an outdoor wedding that was casual yet formal. Does that make sense? I mean it was our wedding day, I wanted it to feel special but also feel FUN! I didn't want it to be too casual that people thought they could arrive in blue jeans, but I also didn't want it to feel too stuffy. I wanted it to be fun for everyone and for everyone to enjoy themselves and have the best time ever!

Favourite Memories

John singing to me. The cake smashing. And literally just feeling so happy and loved that day. It truly was the best day of my life. It funny I can't even explain how much fun I had and how happy I was that day! And, my dress. I was obsessed with my dress!

Congratulations Amy and John!

Okay I know I featured about a million photos of the bridesmaids dresses but aren't they just perfect?

That little touch of glitter. Wow.