It doesn't get much lovelier than this sweet, Southern engagement shoot captured exquisitely on film by Michael and Carina Photography featuring a golden willow tree, a curious horse and a couple positively besotted with each other.

Rosemary (aka Miss Virginia 2012) is a student and Ryan, her fiancé,  is a grad from William and Mary in Williamsburg, so it was only natural that their engagement shoot took place around the historic campus where they shared so many special moments.

Photographers, Michael and Carina explained that during the shoot, Ryan kept pointing out places around the campus that acted as milestones in their relationship.

Over there? That's where I asked her out. And on those steps? That's where she told me she loved me.

(See what I mean? So very lovely.)

Rosemary According to Ryan

I will never forget one particular moment, it was early freshman year, when I walked out the back door of my dorm, the warm sun forcing me to squint. When my eyes adjusted I couldn't help but notice a blonde girl sitting atop the low red-brick wall with her legs extended and a book in her lap, her bright yellow dress nearly an extension of the sun itself. I paused for a moment, captured by the scene but even more so by the girl. She was so serene, so peaceful, so radiant.

I eventually moved on from my spot that afternoon, but clearly my heart did not. Rosemary captured my heart even before I had my first conversation with her, and when we began to talk, we would go on for hours and hours sharing our lives to the most minute detail. I was absolutely enamoured with her, and I still am to this day. See, there was something different about Rosemary, she was so strong and capable and I could see a tender heart full of life and love within her. True to her middle name, Rosemary had a special grace about her and my life is forever blessed for having her in it.

Ryan according To Rosemary

Ever since we met, Ryan and I have been able to talk for hours upon end, leading to too many all-night conversations to count. Ryan has a lot of thoughts and feelings about the world, and is also an exceptional listener and problem solver. He has an amazing gift of seeing people's hearts, and no one has captured mine like he has. Throughout 4 years of college, 2 years of dating, and soon to be a year of engagement, I am drawn deeper into the beautiful core of who Ryan is everyday.

Michael And Carina Photography

Michael and Carina Photography was the perfect choice for our engagement photos! My fiancé and I didn't want to look too posed, but still wanted an elegant look that brought out our love for one another in the photographs. Michael and Carina were great at making us feel relaxed and comfortable – we really enjoyed how much they cared to get to know our story and style. We're very happy with the results, and our experience turned out to be a lot of fun!

Congratulations Rosemary and Ryan! Wishing you all the best for your wedding plans.

Thanks to Michael and Carina Photography for sharing these beautiful photos with us today.

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