As you know, we have a serious penchant around here for anything three-tiered and tasty.

So when we came across this proposal cake from fabulous London cake designers, GC Couture, we just about died and went to cake heaven. 

How could you say no to someone who popped the question with this little beauty?

GC Couture Proposal Cake  Bridal Musings .jpg

Available in 24 colours, with a faux diamond ring (which can be replaced with your very own sparkler) and its own, “Will You Marry Me?” edible gift tag, this gorgeous cake blows the old “diamond in the Champagne glass” trick, right out of the water.

Question-poppers, take note, if you're planning an after-dinner proposal, this is the way to do it.

If you've already said “Yes!”, and you've got to wait until your wedding day to have the cake and eat it, take a peak at GC Couture's elegant wedding cakes, from the classic to the ornate, their stunning creations are works of art, that are almost (we said almost!) too pretty to eat.

Tell us, did your proposal story include any edible delights or quirky props?

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