Happy Friday everybody!

I'm thrilled to be able to share this gorgeous photo shoot of loved up couple Cathy and Mike, captured beautifully by talented photographer, Charlotte Palazzo.

Cathy and Mike aren't engaged or married but they are very much in love…you can tell from every single beautiful photo.

Cathy kindly shared the story of how they got together. And as is often the case in real life {as opposed to fairytales} falling in love can be complicated!

I first laid eyes on Mike back in 2008 at a party and I was instantly attracted to him. Much to my dismay he was there with his girlfriend. We became really good friends over the following couple of years but I still got butterflies in my tummy every time I saw him. I knew he was off limits so I tried my best to put him to the back of my mind and just carried on with everyday Uni life. That was until last October when we were sat in the pub one night and he told me he and his girlfriend had split up a few weeks ago and that he could no longer resist telling me how he felt about me! We have been together since!

Mike is just the most gorgeous person and I knew very quickly that this was a feeling I had never felt before. We were sat out in my garden one sunny evening chatting and giggling about something when Mike got up, kissed me on the forehead and said ‘I love you Cathy Lisa Jones!'.

Awww forehead kisses are wonderful aren't they? {In Arabic culture it's a sign of respect, which is lovely.}

Thanks to Cathy and Mike for sharing your story-you make such a gorgeous couple!

Go check out Charlotte's blog and Facebook page to see more of her fabulous photography {the photos she took of New York are AMAZING!}

So Cathy told us how she first met Mike…

Now it's your turn. How did you meet your partner? Was it love at first sight? Or complicated perhaps?!