She gave us a taster of her inspiration, she left us wanting more about the dress, and she utterly bowled us over with her invitations.

Now it's time for our resident real bride, (and ridiculously talented stationery designer) Gemma Milly to tease us once again with a sneak peak behind the scenes of her copper-laced, glitter-dipped, peony-laden barn wedding.

Yes, today is all about the decor.

From sequin confetti and gold dipped pegs, to festoon lighting from 30 foot high beams and a DIY photobooth backdrop, as with every other aspect of Gemma & Tom's impending nuptials, when it comes to the decor, this pair aren't doing things by half.


Photo via Beau & Arrow Events

They've recruited an equally bonkers-about-weddings partner in crime, Sundari Uthayakumar, The Wedding Stylist to help them in their quest to set the perfect tone for their day.

Let's just say Gemma has found her soulmate… And it might not be Tom.

May 14th 2014: 1 month and 7 days until the big day…

Number of miniature pegs dipped in glitter : 150

Thanking my lucky stars for: my wedding stylist…AKA my right-hand woman

Something that I utterly adore about my job is when brides-to-be ask me to help with their wedding styling as well as their stationery.

One of my all time favourite jobs last year was creating all manner of silver glittered gorgeousness for a wonderful client – Anna – who was married last August in Belgium (you can see the pretties in all their glory here).

There were laser cut glitter cake toppers, screen-printed beach bags, a glittered Mr and Mrs garland for the car (yes, there is a theme going on here!) was a delight!

So when it came to the prospect styling my OWN wedding, I pretty much concluded that I’d died and gone heaven. The dream project!


Photo by Sundari Uthayakumar/The Wedding Stylist

I am a big believer in setting the scene…thinking about all the tiny little details that will create a beautiful atmosphere and make the day one that our guests will find utterly unforgettable.

Which meant that I had pretty high expectations of myself and Tom in terms of styling.

I had a list as long as my arm when, one day last January, I was chatting to Elizabeth and she suggested I consider a wedding stylist.

Me…hand over my brief and the reins…to someone else? My initial thoughts were ‘Nu-ho-ho, I don’t need a stylist…myself and my bridesmaids would love nothing more than to spend every weekend until June sticking glitter to pegs and punching out confetti for 120 people’.


Photo by Sundari Uthayakumar/The Wedding Stylist

That thought lasted about five minutes (which I’m sure my bridesmaids are very grateful for!), until curiosity got the better of me and I pinged an email across to a gal that Elizabeth had suggested might be able to help out.

And the rest is history, as they say. Sundari, AKA The Wedding Stylist emailed straight back to say she’d love to help…and whadya know, she is pretty much a carbon copy of myself! It’s uncanny. Tom and Andy (the ‘boys’) are already feeling sidelined!

Here is a picture from our very first meeting…it started well:


Tom and I had lots of ideas for how we wanted our day to be styled, so it was more an extra pair of hands that I needed, than ‘from scratch’ styling, and luckily Sundari was up for the challenge.

She is currently sparing me from a DIY-based meltdown, and instead working her magic to expertly help me bring it all to life, thank the lord!

She will also be overseeing everything on the day, in the capacity of stylist, wedding guest and friend…for which I will be eternally grateful.


Because our barn is beautiful as it is, I didn’t want to cover up every inch of wood beam with pompoms, so we are working with the natural backdrop and enhancing it with accents of metallics, lots of green foliage and personal touches such as a letterpress guest book.

Speaking of flowers, Sarah, an old and very dear friend had just started up her own floristry business and is as kindly designing all our florals. Hurrah!

Our brief was: loose and ‘un-done', natural and stripped back. Lots and lots of trailing greenery with pops of colour in the form of mountains of peonies, and a touch of copper here and there.

Here’s a peek at the sort of thing we’re going for.


Photo via Pinterest


Photo by Elizabeth Messina via Kiss The Groom

I will also be attempting to get as much glitter past Tom as I humanly can (a task, let me tell you!) and luckily my sidekick Sundari is of the same mindset.


Photo by Sundari Uthayakumar/The Wedding Stylist

We’re creating a photobooth backdrop from scratch and attempting to hang festoon lighting from a 30ft ceiling.


We’ll see how that goes, although my wonderful Dad (who is also in charge of tent procurement!) assures me we have a gigantic ladder that is up to the job.

Here are a few more pictures of what we’ve been up to behind the scenes…I'll let the pictures do the talking as I don't want to give too much away!


Photo by Sundari Uthayakumar/The Wedding Stylist

My final words of wisdom to any creative ladies out there who are afraid of letting go of those creative reins and enlisting some help with styling their big day are this: working with a stylist to help me bring each and everyone of my ideas to life (without suffering a nervous breakdown) and having someone there on the day that I trust to coordinate it all, is absolutely worth its weight in gold.

Rather than taking away the creative tasks, it's just meant that we've got twice the man power, and a valuable second opinion in case I get too carried away with the old sparkle!

And I've gained a dear friend (and business partner – watch this space!) into the bargain.


Photo by Sundari Uthayakumar/The Wedding Stylist

Consider us thoroughly teased.

I don't think we can wait a whole month to see Gemma and Tom's incredible creation of a wedding. Seriously, it sounds like it's going to be, ah-may-zing.

And what good advice on how hiring a wedding stylist, doesn't mean handing over creative control.

Don't forget to send your love, advice, and bridal wisdom to Gemma in the comments and if you've missed any of her past posts, you'll get them all here.

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