I don't know about you but I love the combination of a bride and a horse…it's so dreamy {despite all the mud!}

So when Becky from Butterworth Photography asked if I'd like to feature this stunning equestrian bridal shoot I jumped at the chance!

There is a brilliant story behind the shoot involving Tequila, the fiesty horse, Squirrel, the childhood pony,  Katie, the very brave bride and a jug of Pimms!

Here's Becky to share more about the shoot:

Katie Bevans from Nottinghamshire contacted me a couple of months back, she’d seen my ‘Love the Dress’ shoots and a recent equestrian lifestyle shoot I had done.  The end of May marks her 5th wedding anniversary to Chris and she wanted to combine a Love the Dress and Equestrian shoot.

So on the 15th April, I headed over to her family farm in Newark Nottinghamshire.  Katie wanted to include her two horses, one being called ‘Tequila’ and the other her childhood pony ‘Squirrel’.  To help style and support me during the shoot I was joined by Lauren Clark of Blue Twenty One she was amazing help has she had some great ideas for the shoot and has lots of experience in working with horses.

We started with Katie walking Tequila around the paddock, he was really quite spooked by the whole wedding dress and veil so to start we worked with this until he became more comfortable.  Once Tequila was settled Katie was ready to get on his back, however not happy with the attention and the feel/sound of Katies wedding dress slipping over his back, Tequila decided to bolt!!  With this katie fell from him.  Amazingly she jumped back up and rubbed herself down {still in dress and veil}!

We had to make a few changes to the shoot after that as we had concerns for Katie’s safety. So she thought that good old faithful childhood companion ‘Squirrel’ would be happy to let her get on him. And he did, was not phased at all!!  It kind of felt beautiful to see, that after many years,  Katie’s pony that she had ridden as a child, she was now pottering around on in her wedding dress. The fabulous Rachel of Tattered Rose created the vintage styled rosette for ‘Squirrel’ for us. After riding we ventured around the farm and finished the day drinking Pimms on the hay in the barn! {Kindly brought to us from Katie’s mum!!}

{How gorgeous is this bridal rosette by Tattered Rose?!}

How lovely that Katie's old childhood companion, Squirrel, came to the rescue! It looks like such a fun too!

Although it was quite a challenging shoot, the images turned out beautifully. Well done to everyone involved, I bet Katie and her husband are thrilled with these photos. Thanks to Becky and Neil of Butterworth Photography for sharing this shoot today, to see more of their wonderful photography visit their website and blog. Why not pop over to their Facebook page too?

So…who is in the mood for horse/pony riding right now?!!!