This wedding film is pretty special.

When we say “wedding film” rather that “wedding video”, this is the kind of wedding documentation we're talking about. Not a shaky home video at the back of the room, but something epic, dramatic, evocative and beautiful.

Luwam and Delyet were married in a traditional Eritrean wedding in British Columbia, a big community bash with dancing, drumming, and lots of love.

And it was captured in all its glory by the incredibly talented, Tomasz Wagner Photography & Film.

Epic Eritrean Wedding Film | Tomasz Wagner Photography | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Feast your eyes on this breath-taking film (and then check out our full post on this incredible wedding here!)

And read a little bit more about this special day from the gent behind the camera, Tomasz

Over the course of two days, I was immersed in the customs of Eritrean culture – this was a first for me and the videography team, who also joined me to document the preparations, the solemn moments at the ceremony, the union of two families.

In many ways, this Eritrean wedding wasn’t much different from other weddings we had been a part of, but the dynamics of any event that brings people together always depends on whoever is present.

We were pretty fortunate to have clients that really cared for their community, and who showed that same generosity of spirit to those who were recently introduced (ie. us).

One of the best feelings as a wedding photographer (or wedding videographer, for that matter) is that you’ve become part of the wedding rather than operating just outside of it – either is fine for me, but the former is always a little bit special.

Luwam + Delyet | Eritrean Wedding from Tomasz Wagner Photo & Video on Vimeo.

Just spectacular!

The music from Florence and the Machine really amps up the epic nature of this film, but it's the editing that's really incredible.

What a gorgeous wedding, don't forget to take a look at the full post, with Luwam's description of the day, and stunning images from Tomasz Wagner Photography.

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