I'm thrilled to be able to share this E-shoot from one of the loveliest, most talented, hard working photographers I know, Katherine of Katherine Ashdown Photography.

Ready for a bit of modern romance?

Nigel and Marie met online and, soon after their first date, fell head over heels for each other!

Here Katherine tells us more about the couple's story & the shoot:

Its not hard to see when these two are together why the Internet has become one of the foremost meeting places for couples… they are so obviously crazy in love and totally mad about each other! Their first meeting was at the lovely Loch Fyne restaurant in Norwich city centre and from what they tell me this first encounter was very much the start of them falling in love!

They are now due to get married 4 years after that initial meeting at the stunning St Giles House Hotel in Norwich this November; So what better place to shoot their super cool Engagement than the gorgeous back streets around St Giles?

{I'm sure you'll join me in swooning over Marie's fabulously chic coat!}

We decided to finish up their shoot back where it all began at Loch Fyne, where the lovely manager allowed us to take a few shots inside and out.

How lovely that they returned to the place where they had their first date?!

Thank you so much to Nigel and Marie for sharing your gorgeous engagement photos with us. I feel very lucky to be featuring their chic wedding soon too!  And I must say a HUGE thank you to Katherine, taker of afore mentioned gorgeous photos.

To find out a bit more about the lady behind the lens, check out the Q&A feature I did with her a while ago.

To see more of her fabulous photography visit Katherine's website, blog and why not ‘like' her Facebook page to keep up to do on all her latest shoots.

So did any of you lovely lot find love on the internet?