Grooms do make passes at brides who wear glasses.

Well, that's how the saying goes as far as we're concerned!

There's a severe shortage of brides sporting specs, and we want to rectify that!

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Whether it's the fact that they don't feel as beautiful with glasses on, they don't want to cover their make-up, or perhaps they're not sure how to accessorise around their eyewear, many brides opt for contacts on their wedding day.

Meanwhile, we see lots of grooms looking dapper in their specs, (okay, we have a soft spot for Clark Kent!)

While the most important thing about your bridal style is that you're comfortable in it, you should also feel, and look, like a (super glammed up) version of yourself.

So like our feelings on brides with bangs, we reckon, if gorgeous glasses are part of your every day look, you shouldn't ditch them on your wedding day just because you think it's not the norm.

Check out some beautiful bespectacled brides, and read our top tips for rocking eyewear in your wedding dress.

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Photo by Lisa Jane Photography via Love My Dress

Retro Does It

One of the coolest, and easiest ways to make your eyewear and your wedding dress go together is to go a little retro with it.

Pair a cute beehive, winged specs and a vintage style wedding dress, for a look that's chic, stylised, and utterly gorgeous.

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White Wedding

Getting new glasses especially for your wedding is a great way to make you feel special in your specs.

Have fun with your frames and choose a pair that tie in with your wedding, whether that's white and retro, something a little more modern and slick, or clear frames that allow the rest of your look to sparkle.

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Lots of Lippie

Bold lipstick and stylish frames are a match made in heaven, if you're looking for a red hot vampy wedding day look.

Don't shy away from making a statement and pucker up with a ruby hue that works well with your frames and your skin tone.

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Tousled Tresses

A stiff bun paired with glasses might look a little matronly – you don't want your groom to this his old teacher is walking down the aisle!

If you want your hair up on your wedding day, keep the texture soft and undone, to contrast the structure of your specs.

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 Photo by Micha and Megan via One Lovely Day

Add Some Sparkle

Many glasses-wearing brides can feel like their glasses will add a drab look to their ensemble.

Counteract your business-like eyewear with some pretty hair accessories, with lots of pearls and sparkle to brighten your face.

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How to Brow

Many dames who sport specs (myself included, sometimes!) feel like they can get away with untamed brows when they have their glasses on – when in fact, their eyewear only draws more attention to the area.

Invest in a professional shaping a month or so before your wedding, to get a good shape, and if you feel confident, treat yourself to a good pair of tweezers and maintain at home. You can always opt for a salon tidy up a week before your wedding if they need a little more work.

Your brows have the ability to change your whole face, so chat to your make-up artist about gels and powders to get the perfect finish on the day itself.

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Blushing Bride

Contouring is a glasses-wearing bride's best friend.

We've all read about how the Kardashians have lead the way in incredible cheek bones and razor sharp jawlines, and while we're not advising you pile on the make-up à la Kim & Co, using highlighters, bronzers and blushes to your advantage, can slim your face and enhance the shape of your glasses.

Check out our Megan Fox make-up tutorial for some great tips on shaping your face with make-up.

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Bright Eyes

If contouring is your best friend, concealer might be your sister! Frames can cast a shadow on your face below your eyes, so you need plenty of eye concealer to work its magic and prevent the appearance of bags or dark circles.

Select a hue that's a shade or two lighter than your foundation, with light-reflecting pigments – choosing an eye-specific product will give you the right texture you need for this sensitive part of your face.

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Au Natural

While we think glasses go great with a bold lipstick, a smokey eye, or lots of eyeliner – when it comes to selecting colours for your eye make-up, it's best to keep it natural.

Blues, purples and pinks may look great with your contacts, but when it comes to sporting specs, keep to beiges, soft golds, browns and greens so they don't jar with your glasses or get lost behind your frames.

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Opt for Earrings

This is a controversial one, there is much debate over whether earrings and glasses go together, or if all looks a bit too much. I think they look great, as long as you wear them like you mean it!

If your dress is strapless or has some interesting shoulder detail, draw the eye downward with drops or chandeliers and add lots of sparkle. While studs and pearls look really pretty with some retro or elegantly styled spectacles.


 Photo by Jeff Loves Jessica via Style Me Pretty

Accessorise Elsewhere

If you feel like your glasses are a little on the heavy side, balance them out with one other statement piece elsewhere.

Whether it's a flower in your hair, a bright bridal clutch, or a gorgeous pair of heels, catch your guests eyes in more ways than one with a second stand-out accessory.

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 Photo by Kay English Photography

How cute are these clear frames? Such a gorgeous style that's perfect for a wedding day!

Let us know what you think of wearing glasses on your wedding day – leave your tips in the comments below.

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