Are you getting married in 2015?

Is your wedding in Ohio, Oklahoma, Louisiana or Kentucky? How about Nevada, Oregon, Florida or Wyoming?

Well then, you're in luck. Because one of the United States' most creative photography couples is coming to you, as Rocker in Love embark on their 12 month US Wedding Tour.

It's gonna be epic.

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The Tour

Rocker in Love are Brazilian couple Dani and Grasi (and their adorable son Otto), a family who are  as passionate about travelling as they are about weddings.

They're hitting the road to attempt to document a year's worth of weddings around the U.S., hoping to capture everything from elopements to fiestas, and rustic bashes to chic city nuptials.

They love how (despite having shot hundreds of them over the last eight years), no two weddings are the same, so they're even more excited to see how different weddings can really be, as they cross the country.

And  best of all, they'll chronicle their great adventure in a gorgeous wedding book once it's all over.

And you could be part of it!

How cool would it be to have your wedding documented forever on bookshelves across the country?

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The Style

Rocker in Love are renowned for their fun imagery and whimsical creativity, and perusing through their site, they really do have such a variety of styles from, the classic and romantic, to the utterly offbeat and outlandish.

They work with willing couples who are up for anything, and the results are always entirely unique, gorgeous pictures, that totally reflect the couple and their style.

And one of the most exciting things about their work is that Rocker in Love are leading the way in Gif-ology. If you've seen quirky wedding gifs on blogs or Pinterest, chances are, these two are the folks behind them.

Such a special (and not to mention fun!) way to capture moments in time on your wedding day.

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Rocker in Love US Tour | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

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The Details

So, how can you get involved in Rocker in Love's great adventure?

All you have to do is check out their site to see how your State and Date match up with their itinerary (though they are flexible if your date isn't taken) and drop them a line.

They're not looking for the best, most unique, stylish or big budget weddings, they simply want to document your day exactly how you planned it, with their own creative snapping style.

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And because they want to get all kinds of weddings involved, they've dropped their prices for 2015, so that both big and small weddings can take part in the project.

For just $1800, you'll have full wedding coverage with both Grasi and Dani, digital files of full size, edited images with the rights to print and share, two of their awesome gifs, and a love session before or after your wedding. Pretty sweet, right?

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Oh and, if you're not a Stateside bride and groom, don't worry, Rocker in Love are planning to hit the road all over again in 2016 across the Atlantic. So if you're a European couple who love their style, hold tight, and watch this space!

Check out Rocker in Love's website to find out more about the tour, and follow this intrepid pair on Instagram as they roam the nation.

And if you do take part in our tour, don't forget to let us know – we'd love to see your pics!