Well hello there… We hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend?

The sun is shining here in London, and it's the perfect autumnal Sunday for a stroll (and maybe even a pub lunch!)

But before we head out, we just had to show you this beautiful wedding film.

As you know, we're big fans of wedding videography 'round here. So when we heard that the groom in this wedding was a videographer himself, we knew we could expect a film with some really stunning shots and rather quirky features.

And it sure delivered!

Focus Production Wedding Film | Bridal Musings 1

Shiyin and Qifei are a Canadian-based couple, of Chinese decent, who met in Singapore and married in Mexico!

Qifei is the co-founder of wedding cinematography company, Focus Production, and of course, when he and Shiyin headed to Cancun for their destination wedding, he brought along his colleagues to document the trip!

The result is a beautiful film, with gorgeous cinematography from the beginning, Chinese fun and games in the middle, and a rather unique vow delivery at the end.

Focus Production Wedding Film | Bridal Musings 2

We'll let the team from Focus Production tell us a bit more about their special film…

Shiyin and Qifei’s wedding holds a very special meaning to all of us in Focus Production. Qifei is one of the co-founders of this company, and all of our team members had witnessed or been a part of his love story with Shiyin.

Having met each other while studying in Singapore, Shiyin and Qifei had always been strongly attracted to the warm tropical weather and friendly culture of that country. For their wedding, they wanted a venue that could remind them of the place where they met and fell in love, and Cancun, with its beautiful beaches and warm breezy weather, immediately came into consideration.

Our team was delighted with their decision, not only for the chance to work in a totally new location, but also, of course, for the one-week holiday on the beaches!

Focus Production Wedding Film | Bridal Musings 3

For their wedding video, we decided to make full use of our whole week spent with the couple, and included captured moments of their arrival in the city and time spent together before the wedding day itself. A few time lapse clips of the beach were filmed to showcase the beauty of the location.

For the actual wedding day, Qifei, being the person behind the camera for numerous weddings in the past years, certainly knew how to make his own occasion one to remember!

As both the bride and groom are of Chinese descent, unique features of Chinese weddings such as door games and tea ceremony are a must. This is the first time, though, that we had to film door games standing in a pool!

Having heard all sorts of wedding vows during his time as a wedding cinematographer, Qifei decided to do something different, and recited his vows together with his bride instead of doing so one-by-one like most other couples.

We made sure their heartfelt promises to each other were captured and featured prominently in their wedding video. 

Shiyin & Qifei | Cancun Destination Wedding from Focus Production on Vimeo.

I love the idea of saying your vows together, it's such a great gesture of working together as a team from the start of your marriage. And the line about “Being an awesome couple and throwing awesome parties” has to be one of my favourite vows ever!

Thanks so much to Focus Production and Shiyin and Qifei for sharing their beautiful destination wedding with us.

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