Oh freckles. How pretty you are!

Freckles have something of a chequered history in the beauty stakes. In days of yore, they were associated with peasant classes working in the sun, then in the sixties and seventies, natural hippy looks made freckles the ultimate accessory.

Heavier make-up in the 80s and 90s meant these pretty features were covered up, but once again freckles are back in vogue and they've never been more gorgeous.

If you're a bride with freckles, don't cover them up on your wedding day. All you need are the right products and techniques to let your true complexion shine through, for a look that's radiant, sensual and beautiful.

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Photos by Elise Hameau via Bridal Musings

I myself have a love hate relationship with my native Irish freckles. When they appear every summer, often really heavily around my mouth, I always think they make me look scruffy and unkempt. But add a cool kohl liner and a bit of bronzer, and by October I'm missing my sunkissed summer time skin.

If you're lucky enough to have freckles year-round, or if you're planning a summer wedding and aren't sure what look to go for, we say, play up your skin.

Whether it's dewy and ethereal, seductively vampish, or softly sexy, be inspired by some gorgeous looks that let your freckles make the statement.


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Pin these stunning freckled looks, and read our top tips for playing up your pretty features.

Play with Pinks


Photo by Lina Tesch Photography

Freckles are super pretty and youthful, so play them up by using dreamy pink hues for your wedding day make-up.

Avoid going too harsh, and stick with candy pinks and rose tones on your lips and cheeks for a look that's soft, sweet and bridal.

Bare Faced Beauty

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Photo by Anda Marie via Brides

If your freckles are less pronounced, it can be hard to avoid hiding them under the heavy coverage foundation so many make-up artists use for wedding day make-up.

Try using a long-lasting tinted moisturiser (or BB or CC cream) instead. They even skin-tone, illuminate your face, and provide a gorgeous base coverage, without hiding your pretty natural features.

Continue To Contour

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Photo by Thomas Babeau via Fashionising

We spoke last week about how contouring will continue to be a big trend for brides in 2015. But keeping your base light to show off your freckles, doesn't mean you can't get in on the trend.

Use peachier hues to create your cheek contours, and keep the heavier, dark concealer to the sides of your forehead, temples and cheeks.  Then apply a translucent highlighter down the centre of your nose, and the freckled sections either side, to really make them pop.

Do Dew

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Photos by Elise Hameau via Bridal Musings

Illuminator is the best friend of a bride with freckles. If you're opting for a soft, dewy, natural look for your wedding day make-up, investing in a good illuminating base will work wonders on your skin.

Historically freckles were seen as a trait of the lower classes who worked outdoors, but not any more! Creating a stunning, bright look will show just how polished and pretty freckles can really be.

Vamp It Up

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Photo by Jay Stewart via Phoenix Mag

When we think of vampy starlets, we often think of heavily powdered make-up with a bleached-out complexion. But just because you're showing off your freckles doesn't mean you can't opt for a Hollywood siren look while you're at it.

Strong brows, sexy eyes and a seductive lip all make such a statement set against freckled skin. Add a vampy ‘do, and your ready for the red carpet ( or the wedding aisle!).

Lash Out

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Photo by Julia Rodrigues

If you haven't discovered the magical powers of false lashes, you're missing out! If there's one beauty item I'd recommend for any of my friends to splash out on before their wedding, it's semi-permanent lashes. (Check out Elizabeth's review of her eyelash extensions and a super helpful video by Pixiwoo on how to apply false lashes.)

So natural, yet full, fluttery and pretty, when you've got individual lashes in, you wake up feeling (and looking) so gorgeous even without any make up. And it looks so much nicer than lots of mascara, especially if you're inclined to get emotional on your wedding day!

If you're opting for really natural make-up to highlight your freckled skin, faux lashes are a must for a confident bare-faced look that's still really glamorous.

Spread Your Wings

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Photo by Imax Tree via Wildfox Couture

I love strong contrasts when it comes to beauty, and it doesn't get more striking than a beautiful bare face, and a stunning winged eye.

Going really simple with your foundation and lips allows you to play up your eyes whether it's with lashings of colour or lots of winged liner.

Soft and Smokey

Freckled Make-up Ideas | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Photo by Brad Stevens Photography via Model Mayhem.

A smokey eye is just so dreamy with a freckled face, don't you think? An undone look, with stripped-back skin, and a slightly morning-after feel to the eyes is incredibly sexy.

Freckles are often associated with summer beauty looks, but adding a smokey eye is a gorgeous way to play them up for winter too.

Pucker Up

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Photo by Henry Leutwyler

A face full of freckles and a bold red lip is just the most divine combination. Like a strong winged eye, a powerful vampy red lip, whether it's glossy or matte, creates such a statement against your natural skin.

Whether you're a classic freckled red-head or if you have a darker complexion, find your perfect red and don't shy away from a powerful pout – especially on your wedding day!

Head and Shoulders

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Photo (and pretty hair pins) by Twigs and Honey

Like your face, if your shoulders and arms are freckled too, we say, show them off! Freckles are so unique and beautiful, so own yours by choosing a strapless dress, or opt to wear your hair up, really soft and naturally.

Simply apply a light bronzer or highlighter along your collar bones for a chic, polished finish.

Help a girl out! Please share your tips for playing up your freckles in the comments below!

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