Okay so this isn't the kind of thing we'd normally share but it's so freakin' lovely we just had to jump on the blog and share it with you.

It's a beer ad.

But it's a very, very, very sweet beer ad!

Romantic Christmas Ad | Bridal Musings

It doesn't take a lot for a Christmas ad to get us welling up (ahem, JetBlue, John Lewis, Sainsbury's), but this one by Stella Artoise is extra special.

We could tell you all about it, but we don't want to spoil anything, so we'll let Brendan (and um, Stella Artois) share the story instead…

Eeek! Isn't it just wonderful, it has us tearing up and feeling festive all at once!

Brendan and Maeve are an Irish couple living in London too – so this story is extra close to Claire's heart!

And rumour has it today is their four year anniversary – Congratulations Brendan and Maeve!

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