Have you thought about having a wedding website? What about a wedding app? How about creating both, all in one go?!

We've chatted before about how technology can act as a virtual wedding planner, lending a hand with everything from inspiration (Pinterest), to organisation (spreadsheets) to invitations (paperless post).

But did you know there was one nifty tool you can use to manage and share all the important details of your wedding?

From informing your guests about your registry, to gathering your RSVPs, making your party playlist, guiding them in the local surrounds, and sharing the story of you, your other half, and your bridal party.

Meet Appy Couple, the ultimate guest concierge service, that you can create, curate, and customise to match the look and feel of your wedding.

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Appy Couple Wedding Website | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Signing up with Appy Couple means you can create a wedding website and interactive app, all in one go.

With an intuitive design, and innovative technology, even the most technologically challenged brides and grooms will find Appy Couple easy to use, (it practically builds itself!)

The websites and apps to choose from are all kinds of pretty, with chic and modern house styles and beautiful templates from guest designers, such as Carolina Herrera.

Who knew wedding geekery could be so gorgeous?!

Appy Couple Wedding App | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

All In One

Many couples might decide to share their wedding details and travel information on a wedding website, use snail mail and spreadsheets for guest lists, and then a photo sharing app to send snaps during and after the wedding.

Appy Couple does all of that in one go – pretty nifty, right?

When you set up your Appy Couple wedding website, a coordinating wedding app is automatically created for free.

This means you only have to make your website and app once, and it will publish (and look gorgeous!) everywhere, on phones, tablets and computers.

Appy Couple Wedding App Templates | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Get Organised

Managing your guest list is probably, (no, definitely) the least fun part of wedding planning. But Appy Couple can make it so easy!

Send personalised emails to your guests that match the beautiful design of your site (so polished!), and collect your RSVPs (no more checking the mailbox) all within your website or app.

Best of all, Appy Couple sends you push notifications as each guest RSVPs, so you can stay on top your list effortlessly! (Bonus: Your guests (and the environment!) will thank you for not having to stick a stamp or lick an envelope to RSVP.)

You can also control your privacy settings with Appy Couple, so only those invited will be able to see the event details. So many wedding websites are public (hello wedding crashers!) so it gives great piece of mind to know that your date, time and venue info isn't published for all to see!

Appy Couple Wedding Website | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Get Involved

While a wedding website is a super easy way to keep your guests informed, a wedding app is a handy way to get them involved too.

From sending congratulations, to sharing pictures, and building up the big day anticipation to chatting together about it afterwards, weddings are social events, and Appy Couple can make sharing in all the excitement even more fun.

Like your very own social network dedicated to your wedding!

Not only can your friends add pictures from your day, they can also add filters so you always look good. You also get final say of what appears on the app – no dodgy dancefloor shots!

They can also send virtual Champagne toasts (not quite as bubbly, but still very fun!), contribute songs to your playlist and chat with each other from within the app or the site seamlessly.

All these unique, and fun features make Appy Couple pretty special.

How To Build a Wedding Website | Appy Couple | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Easy To Set Up

Setting up an Appy Couple account is so simple. Choose from designs created by their award winning in-house team, or their Boutique Collection, pay a one-time $35 fee, and et voila, you're ready to go!

You can always change the design at any time and as many times as you’d like, for free.

Your account includes an unlimited number of invited guests, unlimited photo uploads, unlimited stories, and unlimited events – think stag nights, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and the day after BBQ, as well as the main event of course!

And for your lovely guests, it’s completely free to access your site or download the app.

Appy Couple Wedding Website and App | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

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To get started, go to Appy Couple and begin by choosing a design.

P.S. Even if you've already started your wedding website someplace else, it's no problem! Appy Couple will move it for you.

E-mail the team at makemeappy@appycouple.com, and they’ll take care of the details. They're good like that. Best of all, the 15% discount will still apply!

Pretty Wedding Website by Appy Couple | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Aren't they gorgeous? I love how the designs range from everything from the minimal to the colourful, and the rustic to the modern.

For more information on Appy Couple, to see their designs, and watch a demo of what you can do with your wedding website and app, visit the Appy Couple website.

Have you used Appy Couple for your own wedding? How about as a guest? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!