Spots are a bride's worst nightmare…

Ironically, due to all the stress of wedding planning in the final few weeks, they are likely to pop up when you least want them!

At my recent make up consultation at Bobbi Brown, Mark Reagan, one of the top make up artists in New York, explained that the most important consideration for bridal make up is to achieve a flawless base. That a bride's skin should look beautiful on and off camera. And I couldn't agree more.

I am not an advocate of the ‘do your make up for the camera' ethos that some people buy into. I wanted my guests to be able to look at me without thinking ‘sheesh, she's piled it on'! I wanted to look natural and fresh faced which is quite tricky when you have a few spots to conceal!

For any of you out there who suffer from spots too you'll know how difficult it is to conceal them without looking caked in make up. But this tutorial by the amazingly talented make up artist, Lisa Aldridge, is the best I've seen on creating a flawless base. It is specifically for spot suffers and she hates the idea of a mask/blanket of full on coverage.

Kudos to the model, Madeleine, who appears completely make up free with her spots on full display. You'll be amazed at the transformation!

Doesn't she look incredible in the ‘after' shots?! So natural too.

I adore Lisa's tutorials, she is such a good teacher. She explains herself really well, the videos are clear and concise and usually around the 10 minute mark. Check out her website to see more of her tutorials and find a full list of the products used in her videos and links to online stores to buy them.