In my parents' kitchen sits an orange electric whisk, an ageing rolling pin and a set of beautiful glasses.

Wedding gifts that have not only stood the test of time since their 1976 nuptials, but have come back in fashion (more than once!) and become something of well-used, prized possessions in our home.

Getting married is not only an opportunity to hitch yourself to your one and only, but it's also a chance to set yourselves up for married life with both useful items, and heirloom accessories for your new chapter.

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Gorgeous tableware, cool baking accessories, your dream home bar and the most glorious linens; choosing items for your wedding registry is the perfect time to dream big and look to the future.

The dinner parties you'll have, the trips you'll take, or the good news you'll toast to; think of creating your gift registry as kind of curating the items that will feature in all your events together, for the years to come.

Which is why we love the idea of creating a wedding registry with Crate and Barrel, because not only are their products oh-so-covetable and super practical, but they have the kind of style and quality that will make them timeless pieces in your home too.

And that's not the only reason we think they make a pretty awesome registry choice…

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Something A Little Bit Different

Okay, so lots of places offer great gifts on their wedding registries, what makes Crate and Barrel so special?

Well, first up, Crate and Barrel was founded by a couple in 1962 after they got back from their European honeymoon (so you could say it has newlyweds at its core!).

As you know, we're rather fond of adventures, and Crate and Barrel was opened as a way for the founders to dedicate their lives to traveling the world and finding modern, beautiful, affordable, and functional pieces.

You see, they don't just have the same stuff as everywhere else. While many stores stock the same items and the same brands, Crate and Barrel work with artists and designers as well as some more established names, to create a collection that's distinct, unique, and worldly. 

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Ask The Experts (At a Party!)

So you might think going around a store and picking out your favourite things sounds pretty easy (and fun) but sometimes all that choice can be overwhelming. That's where the pros come in.

Take a break from wedding planning (and celebrate creating your wedding registry!) by going along to one of Crate and Barrel's Wedding Parties.

These fun, private store events invite engaged couples for join in for an evening of food and drinks, as you mingle with other couples, and enjoy kitchen demos from some cool gourmet brands.

You'll also receive one-on-one attention and advice from dedicated registry experts, and you can create your registry on the spot (and receive a special thank you gift!)

The next Wedding Party is taking place on August 9th, so why not find your nearest event on the Crate and Barrel website?

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Where Do We Sign Up?

If you can’t make one of Crate and Barrel's Wedding Party events, you can always schedule a private in-store consultation instead (basically like a shopping spree where you don't have to hand over your credit card!)

Or if you don't live near a Crate and Barrel store, you can always create your wedding registry online, it's so easy, and best of all, you can really take your time making up your list.

You can even download their handy app and manage your gift registry without even opening your laptop. Nifty.

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Reap The Rewards

Lots of companies offer a registry discount on the items your guests don't purchase, but Crate and Barrel go one better.

Not only will their 10% Completion Program offer discounts on the items left over on your registry, but it also gives you 10% off any online or in-store purchases for a whole six months after your wedding. That means you can score major savings on bigger items (like furniture) that you didn't want to request from your guests.

Bonus, when you sign up for the Crate and Barrel gift registry, you'll receive a chic set of stemless wine glasses (we just love these!) in an embroidered linen bag as a thank you – they're pretty nice like that!

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Easy for Your Guests

Wedding guests want to get you something that you'll use (and love!) so a wedding registry is always appreciated.

Make it even easier for them, with Crate and Barrel's free shipping. They'll send all eligible registry purchases of $99 or more for free, which means your guests don't need to lug them to your wedding, and you can party into the wee hours without worrying about packing up the gift table.

As an added nicety to your guests, try to pick items that are a range of prices so those on every budget can give you something you'll adore, (but don't be afraid to add a couple of pricier items for guests who might be pooling together or planning to splash out!)

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Time To Make Your List!

This is the hard part – the choice is endless! Crate and Barrel's Wedding & Gift Registry catalogue is literally brimming with ideas and advice to help you pick out your wedding presents.

The best place to start is probably crockery (I'm going through a serious plate obsession at the minute!)

We love that Crate and Barrel are not ones for picking out a 12 piece set of posh crockery (you'll only use if the Queen comes to visit!), their pieces are cool and practical, with both simple, classic collections and mix and match options for a more rustic or organic look.

It's also a good idea to start married life off with a few quality staples you'll have for years; some good oven dishes, a set of sharp knives, stainless steel pots, heavy-based pans and bright serving bowls, are essentials in every home.

While Crate and Barrel also offer baking accessories, prep tools and electrical appliances for couples who get more creative in the kitchen.

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Something a Little Special

But as much as we reckon you should be pretty practical with your wedding registry, it's also important to have a little fun with it too!

Complement your everyday dinnerware and kitchen essentials with some gorgeous glassware, elegant linens and fun party accessories. Whether you'll be hosting intimate suppers for two or raucous bashes for 30, you'll find something suitably celebratory to add to your registry.

Every party house should own a well-stocked bar cart (in our humble opinion!), with some cool mixology accoutrements and fun cocktail glasses.

And while you're at it, don't forget the little luxuries in life too, plush towels, luxe bedding and pretty accessories for your home. Being a newlywed is all about nesting, you know!

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So as you can see, we're pretty smitten with Crate and Barrel's chic products, effortless gift registry – and just the whole idea of wedding presents in general!

For more information and inspiration for your wedding registry, check out the Crate and Barrel website – oh and don't forget to go along to one of their awesome Wedding Parties happening in stores on August 9th.

Gift Registry sorted? Now it's time to plan the music