“What about sending email wedding invitations?”

Zee asked me this just over a year ago and my immediate reaction was NO WAY! I had visions of impersonal mass emails, Facebook invites and those awful animated, noisy e-cards. We may have been on a tight budget but I was not going to compromise on our vintage/modern chic wedding with tacky invitations…thankyouverymuch!

BUT Zee did a little research and found the awesome Paperless Post. After seeing their fabulous designs ~ that actually looked like real envelopes and paper {and were MUCH more afforable than the options we'd be looking at} I was sold. And considering Zee is quite the tech geek it was very fitting that we used this modern method of sending invites. I also loved the fact that it was so eco-friendly and convenient and lots of our guests did too.

Not only do Paperless Post design beautiful invitations which are customizable ~ you can select from papers, colors, motifs and fonts to create an invitation in your style or even include your own motif/photo but they've also created a great tool for couples to track who has RSVPd. Genius. This made the whole process so smooth and easy.

Here's what Paperless Post is all about:

Remember the days when everyone communicated using paper and ink? Correspondence was a craft: personal, and intentional.


At Paperless Post, we seek to redefine the tradition of paper stationery so that people can send custom, personalized invitations and announcements with the same thought and care as previous generations, but the way we communicate today: online.

Check out their demo and see for yourself.

Step 1. First your guests see a lovely envelope…

Step 2.Then it opens to reveal a beautiful invitation…

Step 3. Out pops the pretty invitation…

Step 4. After that it's a simple case of ticking the box and leaving a personal message {if they wish} and adding it their online calendar.

Step 5. Et voila ~ invitation sent & RSVP received!

Top tip: We got guests to include any dietary requirements/whether they'd need a high chair in the message box. You could also ask them to include a song they'd like to boogie to at your reception ~ a lovely idea I pinched from my best friend!

Now I realise that email wedding invitations are not for everybody. There is something special about finding an invite on the doormat, holding it in your hands and pinning it on your notice board. BUT you could save a lot of money {and paper} by sending all the other wedding related stationary: engagement party/bridal shower/hen party/save the dates and even thank you cards via Paperless Post.

Would you send email stationary? Or would it have to paper? I'd love to hear your thoughts.