Oh boy, oh boy, we've got the most stunningly gorgeous wedding to share with you guys on the blog today.

Seriously, it's ridiculous how beautiful it is!

Paula & Adam got married in the idyllic Puglia region of Italy, with a destination wedding that was romantic, stylish, and filled with pretty details.

Later today, we'll have their incredible photographs by Cinzia Bruschini to share with you guys, but first, up, we've got a sneak peek into their day, with their emotional film by the wonderful Marco Caputo Films.

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We almost don't want to tell you any more about this wedding, so you can see it all for yourself.

So, we'll leave you in the safe hands of the lovely Paula & Adam, with a sweet excerpt from their wedding website instead.

From the Couple

As easy-going as we are, we are rational people so it took us a while to admit to ourselves and then to our mutual friends that we were in a relationship. But once we did we never looked back and, although we weren’t always presented with the smoothest of paths, we chose to follow it together.

Four years later (approximately – precision doesn’t generally suit us), a cross-Atlantic move and a good deal of change in-between, marriage – or a wedding – will hardly mark the beginning of our commitment to each other but rather the continuation of our lives together.

We view it as a chance to share our happiness with those dearest to us, across the world and who, in one way or the other, whether directly or not, have walked beside us through our journey.

Beautiful Italian Wedding | Cinzia Bruschini Photography | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 50

Watch Paula & Adam's Amazing Wedding Film

Paula & Adam // Wedding video in Masseria (Puglia, Italy) from marcocaputofilms on Vimeo.

Isn't it just beautiful? I can't wait for you to see the full wedding too, don't forget to click back and check it out this afternoon!

Thanks so much to the talented Marco Caputo Films, the wonderful Cinzia Bruschini, and of course, Paula & Adam for sharing their fabulous destination wedding with us.

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