So as you may know, if you're a longtime (or even mediumtime!) reader of Bridal Musings, if we were to put in order the things we adore most in the world, it would be romance, travel and photography (followed closely by white dresses and wedding cake!).

So, when found out about a company that combines those very favourite things of ours, we were excited to spread the word.

Pictrip, is a website that allows you to book a photographer in destinations all over the world to document your travels.

So whether it's an engagement shoot, surprise proposal, honeymoon or anniversary trip, you can have a talented photographer there to snap your stay and capture some seriously gorgeous memories.

And if your amateur photography/selfie stick skills are as poor as mine, you'll know how special that really is!

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With destinations that include romantic hotspots like New York, Paris, London and Venice, along with globetrotter favourites like Melbourne, Barcelona, Lake Como, Dublin and San Francisco, there are endless options for a unique engagement shoot or incredible proposal.

We often get emails from couples who've seen an engagement shoot in Venice (we love the idea of combining your engagement shoot with a trip!) or prospective grooms who are considering a proposal with a hidden photographer in Paris, and ask us for recommendations of local photographers, who they can hire for just a few hours, and will also speak English.

The internet can be a bit of a black hole when you're searching on different sites, with foreign languages and multiple packages for photography on offer, and we just love that Pictrip takes all the hard work out of organising a holiday photographer.

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We've all tried (and probably failed!) to take a photo that really encapsulates the feel of a trip, especially if it's a romantic one.

The dreaminess of walking along the Seine at dusk, the elation of a proposal in Times Square, or the fun of an impromptu photoshoot in a red telephone box in London; but of course, no matter how many Instagram filters you add, those pictures aren't always as perfect as you remember the moment to be.

That's why we're excited about how Pictrip is changing travel photography. Your snaps will still be candid, intimate, and romantic, but they'll also take in the magic of your destination too.

If you're the kind of couple who comes home from your holidays with a stream of lovely landmark snaps that you take turns posing (alone!) in, or wonky shots of the two of you taken by strangers, this is the service for you!

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Shooting in both the most iconic locations (think the Eiffel Tower or Golden Gate Bridge) and some local gems (like Richmond Park in London or Stephen's Green in Dublin), couples can really get a feel for their destination with the help of a local professional photographer.

If you're familiar with a city, or have a spot on your bucket list that you'd like to shoot in, let your photographer know in advance and they can include it in their itinerary.

The most important thing about taking photographs on holiday is to capture memories for years to come, and hiring a travel photographer to document your trip means you can relax and take it all in, and know that even if your phone battery dies or your SD card runs out of space (this happened to me in Paris!) you'll still have beautiful pictures to remember your trip forever.

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You don't need to worry about a photographer following you around for your entire holiday, it's just a short, fun shoot in some of your favourite spots, whether they're big landmarks, small cafes, or winding streets.

Pictrip offer a selection of packages, with a Fly By option for a one-hour shoot at £220 (perfect for a short overnight break), working up to a three-hour City Trekker package for £480, with 75 images at three to four locations.

Pictrip also creates custom packages for anyone looking for something a little different from their shoot.

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Pic Trip | Travel Engagement Shoot | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 1

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For proposals, Pictrip don't charge any extra, (and your photographer will be discreetly waiting at the location, before you arrive to get down on one knee), but they do recommend organising a two-hour shoot so you've time to take some celebratory snaps after the ‘Yes!'.

(Such an incredible moment to capture!)

Pictrip's photographers go to great lengths to ensure that you can concentrate on the proposal itself and will even recommend locations for you to pop the question, if you're unfamiliar with the city.

Couples will also receive an online gallery of photos to download and share the all-important moment with friends and family back home.

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So, what do you think, wouldn't it be awesome to have a professional photographer join you for an hour or two on your next trip?

For more information on Pictrip, the destinations they cover, and their travel photography packages, visit their website. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter to bag a 10% discount (the sign-up link is at the bottom of the Pictrip homepage!)

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