Don't you just love those cute little wooden toppers?

You know the ones with no necks or arms or legs.

Sometimes they don't even have facial features…

But it doesn't matter because they're just so darn adorable!

Well I stumbled upon this fab kit filled with all the stuff you need to make your own, personalised toppers:

How good is that? But I think it's fair to say you'll need quite a steady hand!

Look how adorable the finished products are:

Pretty neat for $15 don't you think? {DIY Cake Topper Kit by Love Monkey via Etsy}

I also found this awesome post by bride, La Morocha, on how to make detailed DIY wooden cake toppers from scratch {for all you seasoned DIYers out there} ~ the advice to draw the outlines in pencil first is invaluable! I love the embellishments she included too.

Take a look:

She even made an altar and a cat! {via Offbeat Bride}

Would you opt for a DIY cake topper?

I personally think it would be one of the least time consuming DIY projects in comparison to say tissue paper garlands filling the room or 100s of invitations and it would look so cute on the mantel piece of your marital home after the wedding.