A couple of weeks ago, we shared a post on the most epic, exciting, (and sometimes expensive) trips on the planet.

The kind of journeys you'll probably only take once in a lifetime, to the kind of places you've wanted to see since you were a kid and the kind of holidays you'd only take for a special trip or a big occasion. Say for example, your honeymoon.

But we couldn't fit our whole list into one post. So we're back today with Part Two.

(And it's been so tough to whittle down, we sense a part three on our horizon!)


Photo by The Happy Bloom via Bridal Musings

While some couples will want nothing more than a beach getaway or relaxed city break after their wedding, for others, nothing but a big adventure will do to kick off their marriage.

And as with most things, adventure comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it's a chartered yacht in the Ionean Sea, a luxury train through Kenya, camping on ice at the South Pole or driving a convertible through California – we think we've got something that's just the fit for you.

So, without further ado, here's our ultimate honeymoon bucket list – Part Two…

11. The Greek Islands


Photo by Chris Spira via Fly Away Bride

The Greek Islands were always somewhere that looked gorgeous, but weren't – to me, at least – a bucket list destination.

Then my friend went there over the summer, and documented the whole thing on Instagram Stories and ever since, I've been obsessed with the idea of chartering a boat, and casually making our way from port to port, taking in azure waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas, white churches with blue roofs, and stark volcanic islands, all the while feasting on salads, seafood, tzatziki and Greek wine.

Doesn't that sound like the perfect honeymoon?

Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes are among the superstars of the region, but don't be afraid to check out some off the lesser visited islands too. (They're all pretty gorgeous!)

12. India


Photo by Fiona Caroline Photography via Entouriste

We can't choose just one route or destination in India to add to your bucket list. Because no matter how you choose to tackle a subcontinent with the size, cultural richness, diversity, food and history of India, it's going to be an epic journey that you'll never forget.

The romance of a city like Udaipur, the pinch-yourself sight of the Taj Mahal or the Ganges, the culture shock of Mumbai, Kolkata, Varanasi or Dehli, the serenity of beaches in Goa, the wildlife of Kashmir and Kerala; India is one of the most exciting and contrasting places on the planet. And that's before we talk about the people or the food!

By train, by plane, by motorbike, by boat or by rickshaw, if you want a honeymoon that will captivate every one of your senses, this is the place.

13. Antarctica


Photo by Adam Rhebourg via Antarctic Logistics

Antarctica is at the very top of mine and my husband's bucket lists, but alas, a trip to Antarctica will make a massive dent in your wedding budget (or perhaps cost several times the price of your wedding depending on how you do it.) But the privilege of a journey to one of the most fascinating, beautiful, and untouched places on the planet, does not come cheap.

Antarctic travel is typically in the form of a cruise (they don't really have hotels there) most departing from the southern tips of Chile or Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula, though there are also some from Australia and New Zealand too.

Inland camps are available for the more adventurous (and wealthy) travellers as well as flights to the South Pole (where you can walk around the whole world in just a few minutes of landing!)

Kayaking through pristine Antarctic waters, photographing huddles of penguins and experiencing some of the most epic landscapes on the planet, there's no denying a honeymoon in Antarctica is a trip of a lifetime.

14. Cairo to Capetown


Photo by Ami Price via Entouriste

There are so many journeys and stand alone destinations across Africa, so it's pretty impossible to choose one trip that could tick such a diverse continent off your bucket list forever, but perhaps this one would come close.

From Egypt in North Africa, take in Middle Eastern influences, a journey to the Pyramids, and enjoy a Nile cruise, before heading south for the adventure of a lifetime.

There are many itineraries such a trip could take, from 14-day luxury rail tours to 80-day motorbike rides, seeing elephants in Kenya or giraffes in Zimbabwe, trekking in Tanzania or people-watching in Ethiopia, dune surfing in Namibia or rafting in Zambia, seeing the Victoria Falls in Botswana or wine tasting in South Africa and so, so, so many adventures in between.

With a little planning and a lot of time, exploring this wonderful continent is a lot more accessible than you think.

15. Queensland


Photo via Tourism Whitsundays

We can't talk destinations of bucket list proportions without mentioning The Great Barrier Reef. The world's largest coral reef stretches 2000km off the east coast of Australia and is not only beautiful, but boasts one of the richest underwater eco-systems on the planet.

Swim, snorkel, dive, bum on beaches and tour in sea-planes, this is the kind of honeymoon that can be as relaxed or as active as you like.

Base yourself at the Whitsundays for the quintessential white sand, turquoise waters experience, while Daintree Rainforest and Surfer's Paradise will give a break from ocean exploration to your Queensland trip.

Sadly with 1.5 million tourists annually, the world's largest coral reef is being damaged every year, be a contentious and responsible visitor, do not damage or take coral, do not litter and cover-up with clothing as much as possible, rather than polluting the water with bug sprays and sun screens.

16. Temples of Angkor


Photo by Claire McGowran

Okay, so I used to live in Siem Reap, so this vast complex of temples in Cambodia holds a special place in my heart. But honestly, it's worth the hype, and would make the most memorable trip for a honeymoon.

Originally built as a Hindu place of worship, which was transformed to Buddhism over the centuries, this incredible city of temples is a place that can be explored from sunrise to sunset, by tuk tuk or by bicycle, and seen from overhead by helicopter and hot air balloon.

Just outside the tourist town of Siem Reap (with gorgeous hotels and amazing restaurants), Angkor Wat might be the most iconic temple, but there are dozens of incredible sites to take in over your time in Cambodia. While joining the crowds for sunrise at Angkor is still worth it, I suggest going back in the evening for dinner with a street vendor at dusk, to experience the real magic of this place.

Visit Ta Prohm first thing to get a picture of this jungle temple without the tourists, Phnom Kulen for a mountain experience, and the floating villages on Tonle Sap to see how people live in stilt houses in both rainy season and dry.

The people in Cambodia are the friendliest on the planet, so make sure you spend plenty of time practising your Khmer and chatting with locals.

17. New Zealand South Island

Cruise ship in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. Leaving Picton i

Photo by Rob Suisted via New Zeland Tourism

The South Island in New Zealand is one of those otherworldly places that's seems like it can't quite exist in real life. So much so, this part of the world has been used as Middle Earth, Narnia and King Kong's Skull Island – among other fictitious lands.

Rather remote and isolated (by American and European standards at least) if you want a honeymoon that truly takes you away from it all, this is it.

With vast forests, immense glaciers, crystal fjords, stunning beaches, and incredible wildlife, any couple who relishes in outdoor adventure will find paradise in the South Island's spectacular wilderness.

18. Pacific Coast Highway


Photo by Emma Chapman via A Beautiful Mess

I did this trip about nine years ago, and it's still one of the most memorable journeys I've ever taken.

Stretching from Los Angeles to San Francisco, this classic road trip route takes on the laid back luxury of Santa Barbara, the Dutch feel of Solvang, the sheer loveliness of Carmel, and the breathtaking beauty of the Big Sur, (and that's only for starters).

From hot springs to big waves, and local wines to the best seafood chowder I've ever tasted, this journey is fun, accessible, and perfect for a honeymoon that can be taken at your own pace (and budget!).

19. Japan


Photo via Kuoni

Almost everyone who loves to travel, experience new cultures, and have their preconceptions entirely turned on their heads, has given Japan a firm spot on their bucket list.

This country has one of the most iconic and intriguing cultures in the world, and despite globalisation, it remains quite unlike anywhere else on the planet. It's tough to think about Japan without falling into the pitfall of stereotypes, and it's one of those places that needs to be experienced for real.

From the natural beauty of Kyoto, to the sheer scale of Tokyo, Japan is a place that's both steeped in customs and traditions, while on the cusp of all things new and exciting.

And sure isn't that what the start of marriage is all about? What a cool place for a honeymoon.

20. The Northern Lights


Photo via Iceland Tourism

We're finishing off our rundown of bucket list honeymoon destinations with an experience I really want to tick off mine very soon. Seeing the Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis are solar winds that result in a spectacular display of colours in the sky. They can be seen best from Alaska, Iceland, and Northern Scandinavia, among other places, from September to March.

Of course, you can't guarantee a glimpse at one of the world's most renowned light shows, so while you might plan a trip around some after-dark viewings, make sure you take advantage of the beautiful scenery, cosy hotels and outdoor adventures these regions have to offer.


Photo by Chaz Cruz Photography via Bridal Musings

I both love and hate putting honeymoon blog posts together! It's so interesting to read more about these places, but then I just want to go everywhere!

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