Anyone else bringing their wedding dress along on their honeymoon? I don't know about you guys, but I plan to milk the whole “bride” thing for all it's worth, well after the “I do's” all the way through our Southeast Asian honeymoon romp.

Whether you're hankering for those luxe hotel upgrades or wedding dress shopping has you eyeing all the casual (and luxe) extra gowns you wish you could add to the wedding-day wardrobe, there's plenty of room to dress like a bride on your honeymoon.

Dallas Robe by Loulette Lingerie

From swimsuits to robes, sandals to swanky gowns we've found plenty of white wardrobe pieces to remind everyone “Yo, I'm still the bride”. We've put together a few looks for different honeymoon styles – we've made it easy to find your favorites an shop at the end of the post!

The Culture Trip

Clockwise from top left: Silk Slip by Fleur du Mal, Franca Sandals by LOQ, Alexis Dress by Elize, Klara Wrap Dress by Free People.

Planning a week of wine, charcuterie, fromage and baguette on terrasse in Paris? These looks say casual-cool, city bride, easily shifting from daytime wandering Musee d'Orsay (maybe you can cut the line with your bride card?) to an endless night of natural wine and sardines at Buvette.

But don't feel like it all has to be casual – this A La Robe silk slip gown has all the cool-bride vibes of her main collection while still being totally accessible and shoppable online. Wear the gown to a scrumptious dinner at Le Dauphin and feel free to leave it on until morning in your charming Marais garden view flat.

The Adventurous Desert Romp

Clockwise from top left: Dallas Robe by Loulette Lingerie, Rodeo Keyhole Swimsuit by Free People, Crochet Midi Dress from Free People, Boho Gown from Free People.

Flying out to the Southwest for a hip, adventurous trek with your love? Not many places are better fit for impromptu honeymoon shoots than the desert (ahem, no one's there to watch!) so be sure your post-bridal honeymoon looks are Instagram ready.

We can see you running wildly through Joshua Tree's campground in a swimsuit and Dallas Robe by Loulette Lingerie. Then set up the tripod for a profesh sunset honeymoon shoot with your babe in this totally boho Free People gown (is it just me or could this totally be your main wedding dress?)

The Relaxed Beach Vacay

Clockwise from top left: Anja Swimsuit by Free People, Aruba Sandals by Free People, Sari Straw Bag by Free People, Tassel Shift Dress by Mango.

Jack and I are adventurers on the regular, traveling for work constantly, running around the globe for wild weddings, so our honeymoon plans are to roll from our luxe villa (wherever that may be) right onto the beach. With that in mind, I don't plan on wearing much at all (imagine wink emoji here).

A relaxing beach vacay requires a favorite swimsuit (or two, or four) beach-worthy accessories (aka can get ruined by seawater and sand) and a coverup of sorts. Personally, I'm digging on this off-the-shoulder swimsuit that totally says “bride” and you can be sure I'll be wearing some fun straw sandals with bag to match!

And what about my coverup? We're dying for this Moroccan inspired caftan from cool-bride designer Rime Arodaky – it's the right amount of structure and embellishment that dares admirers to wonder “is it lingerie, or daily wear?” Given that I work from home, I could see myself proclaiming I'm still a bride in this piece long after the honeymoon.

Oh, and could this be the sexiest one piece ever? Find this piece, our above picks and many more favorite finds in our curated honeymoon shop below.

Find more fashion advice beyond “the dress” in our style section and hey, maybe find that dream honeymoon destination to match your wardrobe as well?


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