Most of the time we share real weddings because they're brimming with decor and details to give you ideas for your own big day. But today's backyard wedding is kind of the opposite.

Mia & Nathan got married by the beach in Florida, in a home with a history of hosting big family events.

Yes, their day has gorgeous style, creative decor (look out for the ceremony backdrop!), and luxe details (just wait until you see the cakes!), but it's also beautifully simple and steeped in family tradition.

And the wonderful Christina Block Photography was on hand to capture it all, in her atmospheric style.


And atmospheric really is the word to sum this one up.

From the breezy beach setting, to the relaxed home vibes, and the dreamy lighting to the romantic glances, this wedding is more about giving you a feeling to inspire your day, rather than ceremony readings to borrow or centrepieces to pin (though there are some pretty fabulous dresses you might want to save for later!)

We'll pass you over to the lovely Christina Block Photography to tell us more…

From the Photographer

Mia & Nathan had their wedding at a family home located right on the beach, I forget the exact number but lots of people have been married at that same house, a tradition of sorts.

The details, florals and dressings were beautiful. The home featured a more moodier light but we also catered to the light & airy by taking ocean side photographs as well.

This wedding is beautiful and would definitely serve to brides looking to put on a intimate yet lovely wedding without spending a fortune.

PS: The cakes tasted as good as they looked!


Our Love Story

Nathan and I met in our graduate program at the University of Florida. We hit it off from the start. He made me laugh and we loved being around each other.

I instantly fell in love with his family and he with mine. We started our careers together and developed a life together in Tallahassee, FL. Our family grew a little there with the addition of our dog Gus who we love dearly!

We left Tallahassee to follow a dream and travel Europe for three and a half months. While on our trip in Florence, Nathan proposed and I gladly accepted.

We came home to Atlantic Beach, FL where I am originally from and settled in to plan our wedding. Just two months after we got home we adopted another dog, this time a girl named Dolly. 

We were married at my aunt and uncle's home in Atlantic Beach, FL that was originally my grandparents home. We now live around the corner from them with our two pups! 




The Inspiration

Elegant house party with a little bohemian vibe, and a neutral color palette with touches of blue and green to accentuate the beautiful property.



The Budget

I splurged on the photographer and cake. I saved on decor. I kept it simple and let the venue do most of the work. 








The Venue

My parents as well as my aunts and uncles were all married in that home. My dad moved there when he was in elementary school and the house holds a very special place in my heart.

My aunt and uncle who now live there were kind of enough to extend the gesture and offer to host my wedding. 


beach-house-backyard-wedding-christina-block-photography-13  beach-house-backyard-wedding-christina-block-photography-15



The Ceremony

Very simple. My uncle performed the ceremony, we had a fantastic vocal/harp duo called Addi and Jacq perform for our recessional (Leslie Gore's ‘Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows'- a song that had personal meaning for myself, my aunts and cousins) as well as our first dance to Nora Jones' ‘Come Away with Me'.




The Honeymoon

We spent a lot of money recently on our trip to Europe and I wanted to take several days off of work in prep for my wedding.

I had a mini vacation with all of my family and friends before the wedding. That worked for me, but I would probably recommend going on a honeymoon to relax and decompress.




The Photography

When I found Christina Block I knew I wanted her immediately. She is so talented and captures the natural feel for the day.

Her pictures don't look staged and they capture everything you would want to remember about your day. 



Advice for Other Couples

Try not to get overwhelmed with all of the details. When you decide on a vision or design theme, stick with it.

Don't get distracted or discouraged by all of the many ideas available online.

I wanted to change things so many times because I thought I saw something better. I am so glad I didn't!



The Decor & Details

My mother and I spent the year before purchasing vintage glasses for the drinks. Mostly beveled crystal.

My sister and friend made the floral backdrop for the ceremony.

We made the name cards and purchased a variety of votives for the tables. I wanted the venue and the flower arrangements to stand out. 



Our Favourite Details

The wedding was most special because it was in a place that means the world to me. 

I loved the things we made ourselves, like our name cards, floral hanging arch and picture display of all of the other weddings that have been held there. 



Isn't it just gorgeous? I love that it's both cool and modern, while joining family traditional too. You can tell that it was a special wedding to attend, and I love that this family home is continuing to play host to such happy occasions.

Thanks so much to Christina Block Photography, and of course, to Mia & Nathan for sharing their wonderful backyard wedding with us.

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