We've featured a few real weddings inspired by The Great Gatsby on the blog before, but this is perhaps the first one with a cameo from the man himself.

Cinzia and Francesco got married in stunning grandeur and gorgeous style, with a roaring 1920s wedding in Tuscany.

Their fabulous bash, filled with feather fans, crystal details, beautiful florals, (and a DiCaprio cut-out!) was captured so beautifully by Annalisa Bombarda Photography of The Sweet Side.


It's clear from every last detail of this wedding that Cinzia and Francesco are a creative couple (just wait until you hear how Francesco asked Cinzia out on their first date!) and they designed their day meticulously, from their elegant monochrome palette to their epic choice of venue.

But it's the style that really has us swooning. Cinzia's stunning gown, fab shoes, and most of all that beautiful headpiece by Deloris Petunia on Etsy, we're just in love with her wedding day look (spot her sparkling mani too!). And Francesco, in his sharp slim-fitted suit, makes one very stylish groom as well!

If you're dabbling with the idea of a vintage wedding, this glamorous celebration might just convince you to take the plunge.


Our Love Story

We used to work as creatives in the same advertising agency. After one year we started to get to know eachother better and Francesco invited me out for dinner in a very special way.

He knew I love Japanese food, so he took a mouse-pad and two pencils and made out some maki out of paper. Then he dressed a colleague like a geisha and sent her to me with the invitation.

Well, I couldn't say no! That was how everything started.



The Inspiration

Great Gatsby's Summer Garden Theme.

We inspired ourselves with the roaring twenties, with its glamorous look, mixing it with Tuscany's country atmosphere. It was the perfect mix between Great Gatsby and rustic glam.

The colour palette was very strict: black, gold, white and pale rose.




The Attire

I had a beautiful white dress with rhinestones on the upper part. The back was bare and I had a long silk skirt with train. I wore a twenties inspired veil and a headband with crystals.

The last touch… The shoes! A pair of rose-gold sandals that made me fall in love at first sight.

My bridesmaids wore a simple long pale rose dress with lace inserts on the back.  For the guests, I suggested to be very elegant and take inspiration from the twenties.

great-gatsby-wedding-the-sweet-side-by-annalisa-bombarda-photography-12  great-gatsby-wedding-the-sweet-side-by-annalisa-bombarda-photography-6





The Flowers

I had white peonies and pale-rose English roses, and our table centerpieces were white hydrangeas.




The Ceremony

Since the church was up on a hill, we made available for guests the famous typical funicular of Montecatini Terme. It was a lot of fun to ride that vintage train! 

I loved when I entered the church. It was dark inside and all candle-lit.

Entering and crossing this magic atmosphere with all friends and family around me was the most touching moment.






The Photography

I looked on the internet for some wedding photographers available for Tuscany. I'm an art director and I'm really demanding when it comes to pictures. And I never liked seeing myself in a picture!

I knew my choice would have been hard, just as the photographer's responsibility of capturing pictures on my day! I was contacting award-winning photographers, but I realized that their pictures were art but did not communicate the type of romance I wanted to describe. And I will have ended up with a black and white reportage.

I wanted something more intimate and delicate, with a modern look and composition.

My choice went then to Annalisa Bombarda. The result was stunning, every picture was just as I wanted, and for the first time I see myself in pictures and like them.




The Venue

That venue is that unique and stunning that could be ‘the one' for everybody. But is not that popular yet.

It is called Terme Tettuccio, in Montecatini, the heart of Tuscany.

The building has a marvellous colonnade, fountains, a rich garden and a fabulous entrance. It was the perfect location for a twenties inspired wedding.


great-gatsby-wedding-the-sweet-side-by-annalisa-bombarda-photography-45  great-gatsby-wedding-the-sweet-side-by-annalisa-bombarda-photography-38

The Music

For the music, we played all the twenties repertoire and danced with some electrical swing.

We had one song played a few times and for the cutting of the wedding cake, the song was Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey (from the soundtrack of Baz Luhrman's Great Gatsby movie).




The Decor & Details

I bought a lot of stuff on Etsy. In Italy is very difficult to find cool materials and details for ceremonies.

I had a wedding planner decorating the church and the venue for me, following my mood-board and accurate directions.

My husband prepared the favors. Better said, he made them with his hands! Francesco’s grandfather, a well-known copper artisan from Pescia, Tuscany and he prepared a miniature copper pot for everyone.  


great-gatsby-wedding-the-sweet-side-by-annalisa-bombarda-photography-39  great-gatsby-wedding-the-sweet-side-by-annalisa-bombarda-photography-43



The Refreshments

All the food was served with details matching with the theme and the color palette.

Since it was summer, we preferred to have light food, like several starters from the buffet and fish as main courses.

With the wedding cake we served a type of Prosecco Wine that comes in golden bottles. The result was absolutely glam!




Oh my, isn't it beautiful? It looks like such a perfect balance of fun and romantic, don't you think?

Thanks so much to Annalisa Bombarda Photography of The Sweet Side, and of course Cinzia and Francesco for sharing their Great Gatsby wedding with us.

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