Happy Halloween lovely readers! I hope you guys had a great weekend, with pumpkin lattes, fancy dress costumes, lots of autumnal vibes. It took a little while this year, but fall has well and truly arrived.

And today, we're celebrating the dark and moodier side of October 31st, with a luxurious, glamorous and gorgeous Halloween wedding inspiration.

Featuring rich tones, lots of sweet treats and incredible style, this shoot was beautifully captured by Myke & Teri Photography in Malibu's Oak Canyon Ranch, with the help of some talented LA wedding vendors.


From the geodes and geometry to the tablescaping and textures, so many ideas from today's shoot would work for a wedding all year around, but we think it's a particularly fitting example of how you can style a Halloween wedding that's moody and dramatic, but still really refined and romantic too.

And not a pumpkin in sight!

We'll let the lovely Myke & Teri Photography tell you more about the concept behind this beautiful shoot.

Dark Side of the Moon: Moonlit Gypsy Romance

Shot on digital and film, this sunset shoot captures the feel of the free and somewhat dark gypsy spirit.

We wanted to put together something that felt lush and vibrant, colorful and captivating with sprinkles of moodiness and darkness.

This sexy shoot took place at the Oak Canyon Ranch in Topanga Canyon and features seven vendors from the Los Angeles area.

There were two main dresses, one traditional piece with flow and a full skirt (Aria) and another dark color-fully beaded showstopper (Alice + Olivia) with a gold veil.

The black fondant cake had the right touch of gold painterly flares matched with bold florals. Macarons were a nice displayed on a gold platter swimming in olive leaves. Decorated chocolate made a nice ornament in gold asymmetrical table decor


The table setting continues with the lush theme and features subtle ornaments of agate name tags, fresh herbs, peacock and real chicken feathers, candlestick in rich green and an assortment of organic finger foods. 

Vintage glasses in color are paired with geometric gold shapes for an extra sense of enchantment. Napkins are paired with fresh rosemary tied together with leather straps.

Florals played a big role in this shoot. The florist has a bold imagination and isn't afraid to mix florals and veggies, the bouquets had a mix of olive leaves, dahlias, kale, poppies, eucalyptus and adorned with blood oranges. Splashes hues of red, white, green and purple boldly solidified the mood of our dining and dessert tables.

This was shot at sunset and into the evening to capture the dramatic and romantic nature of the tucked away ranch in Malibu.


moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-22  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-13


moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-2  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-27




moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-66  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-10


moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-57  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-62



moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-67  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-80


moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-82  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-89


moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-81  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-88




moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-105  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-91


moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-115  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-72




moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-130  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-79


moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-141  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-133


moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-36  moonlit-wedding-inspiration-by-myke-and-teri-photography-71


So beautiful. I love the florals (anemone and proteas are always among our favourites!) and you know we're big fans of edible decor! You'd never think blue, pink, black, green, purple and orange would all go together in such a chic way, but with this shoot, they really do.

Thanks so much to Myke & Teri Photography and the rest of the awesome team behind the shoot for sharing their Halloween wedding inspiration with us.

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