I just wanted to let you know about a regular feature on Bridal Musings called ‘Our Wedding Story'. Every week I'll be sharing my own brutally honest bridal musings on our wedding and sharing photos, songs and illustrations.

To whet your appetite expect posts such as: The Amalfi Proposal, The Last Minute Venue Change, The Designer Dress Dramas, The Third Time Lucky Cake, The What's Our Song? Crisis and Oh Happy Wedding Day!

Despite the drama, I absolutely loved planning our wedding and the year leading up to our wedding day was truly amazing.  Mainly because it was full of once in a lifetime experiences with Zee, my family and my friends.

Admittedly, there were lots of stressful tasks involved in the planning process. The thought of the hours spent negotiating the seating plan makes me shudder! But these are not the things you remember after your wedding day…

Brides to be, do try to enjoy those special moments such as dress shopping with your mum, comparing swatches of fabric with your friends and tasting different menus with your fiance. You'll miss them once they're over…sigh.

Our wedding was truly beautiful. It was full of love, laughter and tears but it certainly wasn't perfect. However, it was a perfect reflection of us and we loved every. single. moment.

Are you finding the planning process horribly stressful? Or are you one of those freakishly organised, list-maker types?

I'd love to hear your bridal musings…

Best wedding wishes,

Elizabeth x