Hello lovelies,

I hope you're enjoying the weekend. What have you been up to? Got wedding related plans or are you taking a much needed break from all things wedding?

I'm afraid today's post is not wedding or beauty related…although, I can highly recommend the beauty classic Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream as it has been a saviour to my dry cracked lips and sore, red nose ~ the result of a horrid cold combined with stuffy 12 hour flight and scratchy, cheap plane tissues.

Over the weekend I've travelled from London to San Francisco for a very exciting reason. Zee, Rufus {our little dog} and I are going to move here next year!

The Next Web {the technology media company that Zee has played a BIG role in developing and pushing forward} is doing amazing things in the technology space. San Francisco is the home of all things tech so we're moving here to be closer to the action and to have an adventure.

Via San Francisco.net

We've always said that we wanted to experience living abroad, so now's our chance. It's so very exciting! Living near the sea has been a dream of mine ever since I was little and I can't wait to explore the bay area…but it's somewhat daunting too.

‘Frisco, as the locals call it, is a 12 hour flight away from home and I suspect I'm going to find it hard being so far away from my family and friends {and driving on the right!}

But the thing I worry about the most is feeling lonely. Zee knows lots of tech folk out here but I don't know a soul.

I've lived in London/Essex all my life but moved to Wales during my uni years and I absolutely loved it. However, I was only ever a six hour train ride away from home and in the same time zone.

I didn't know anyone else then yet it seemed easy to make friendships at uni as we were all in the same boat ~ equal parts nervous and excited. Looking to make a connection as we were all far away from home. But as a '20 something' adult, true friendships can seem harder to forge, don't you think? Especially as I'll be working from home/coffee shops…

By Kevin Dart via Motherland Design

At least I won't have the language barrier, I can't imagine how tough it must be for people who move abroad and don't even speak the language. Though I will have to get used to saying ‘serviettes' instead of ‘napkins', ‘fries' instead of ‘chips' and ‘apartment' instead of ‘flat'…

I'd love to hear from you guys, have you experienced living abroad?  Got any advice for me? Any San Francisco ‘must sees'?

Ps. I've got some wonderful weddings to share with you next week but I'm afraid it'll be a one post a day kind of week.  However, I'm always adding amazing new films to Film Club and chic and unique ideas to the Gallery so if you're ever looking for even more wedding inspiration, be sure to check out the tabs at the top!

Pps. Featured image of bride and groom overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge by Rojo Foto Designs because I just had to have some sort of wedding related photo! See the rest of that gorgeous Marie Antoinette inspired ‘Frisco wedding here.