I'm so pleased to have the lovely Cheryl back on Bridal Musings and sharing her heartfelt wifely musings. Why not go and take a peek at her glamourous beach wedding.

Cheryl writes beautifully about love and marriage, it's such a lovely Saturday morning read. Grab a cup of coffee/tea/OJ and enjoy…

A sentence to describe you:  I am a spunky, fun-loving Kansas girl living in South Florida with my husband and our fur babies (Toby and Chloe), working as a PR/Marketing professional and loving every minute of it!

Date of marriage/how long you & your partner have been together: November 13, 2010. C.J. and I met in May of 2007 and began officially dating shortly after. We were engaged in August of 2009.

Married life is… a blessing! To paraphrase country singer Keith Urban, it is pretty amazing how two people living separate lives, often from different places in the world can magically one day find one another. It’s more than fateful, it’s faithful. How two souls could be miles from one another, but still you and me somehow found each other

I strive to be like a flower growing through the sidewalk cracks… a little piece of unexpected joy & optimism.

I loved you since the very first day. When I caught you looking my way, I smiled and just knew it. How two souls could be miles from one another, but still you and me somehow found each other.

Being a wife means… Embarking on a lifelong journey with my husband, becoming a domestic diva and conquering my kitchen, purchasing a house and turning it into our home, starting a family together and above all, living a life full of love and happiness. While I may sound whimsical and cliché, I realize that a successful marriage involves a great deal of patience and sacrifice. However, waking up next to the man I love makes it all seem worthwhile.

The honeymoon…Was such a romantic, relaxing getaway! We vacationed in Aruba and enjoyed some fun in the sun, pampering at the spa, adventurous excursions and romantic dinners. But more importantly, our honeymoon was a chance to catch our breath and relax after more than a year of wedding planning and a whirlwind of weekend of wedding festivities!

The thing I miss most about planning our wedding is…  I love getting lost in the glossy pages of wedding magazines and browsing through wedding blogs/websites. There is something so magical about seeing couples in love and all of the unique color schemes/themes that can be incorporated into your special day.  I personally loved going to my wedding gown fittings and twirling about the bridal salon, picking out flowers and decorations, tasting wedding cakes, working on special D.I.Y wedding projects and taking ballroom dance lessons with my fiancé!

The thing that I don't miss at all about planning our wedding is… The stress! No matter how much fun wedding planning is, it is still hard work! It is so easy to get caught up in the details and obsess over the myriad of things that could potentially go awry. Not to mention that weddings have the ability to bring out a mix of emotions (good and bad!) within your relationship, your family and friendships.

The first time my partner called me his/her wife was…On our honeymoon. While it certainly took some getting used to this new term, it was a welcomed adjustment!

The first time I said my married name to a stranger… Also happened on our honeymoon when making dinner reservations.

The thing I love most about my partner is…  My husband C.J. has a huge heart, is fun-loving, has a great sense of humour and loves me just the way I am, flaws and all. (Hence the sense of humour!)

A recurring argument/debate/conversation in our household is…Whether to watch ESPN’s Sports Center or The Real Housewives! He’s a sports fanatic and my guilty pleasures are raunchy reality shows. He also gets frustrated because I refuse to remove the lint from the dryer, it’s just gross!

When we're old and grey… I hope still make time to laugh & play!  (I couldn’t resist rhyming!)

Thanks Cheryl, I hope you and C.J enjoy settling into your new home and find a way to compromise with that remote!

Do get in touch if you'd like to share your wifely musings, I'd love to feature them.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

As you read this I'll be donning my green maid of honour dress for my closest friend's English country wedding and trying to calm her nerves. {Understandably she's found planning two weddings ~ one in Thailand and one in England ~ very stressful!}