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Introducing Healthy Happy Bride

Photo by Misty C. Photography via Bridal Musings

I am so excited to finally lift the lid on something we’ve been thinking about and talking about for quite some time.

Here at Bridal Musings, 2017 will be the year of the Healthy Happy Bride & Groom.

Traditionally, January was always a time for expensive gym memberships, strict diets and general body bashing and self-scolding for over-indulgence over Christmas. I’m so glad this tide is changing, and this year, my favourite blogs have been touting a message of self-acceptance, holistic goals for the year, and a more positive attitude towards diet, exercise, wellness and mental health.

But while the world gradually (too gradually, if you ask me!) eases the pressure on women and men to look and feel a certain way, when it comes to the wedding industry, we’re still sadly lagging way behind.

I don’t know a bride, or groom for that matter, who hasn’t felt overwhelmed and stressed by wedding planning, who hasn’t felt body-shamed by the imagery on offer, who hasn’t felt external pressure to spend money on skin and hair treatments, or internal pressure to look perfect (whatever that even means!) by the time your big day rolls around.

This year, we want to help change all that.

Photo by Justine Milton via Bridal Musings

Planning your wedding should be fun, it should be exciting, and it should be a time in your life where you sit back in years to come, and think, “Well, that was awesome.”

So our resolution/campaign/project/goal for 2017 is to bring you posts focused on channelling your inner Healthy Happy Bride or Groom.

Frank and honest real talk from myself, Elizabeth, and a host of diverse contributors on everything from self-acceptance to anxiety, eating disorders to family pressures, and boosting energy to boosting confidence.

Whether you’re newly engaged, in the throes of planning or if your wedding day is coming up soon, we all have stresses past the usual things like tracking down vendors and deciding on decor. Weddings are naturally a time when emotions are high, so small niggles or bigger anxieties that you may have had for years, suddenly come to the surface.

Our objective this year is to delve a little deeper, talk about how to tackle them, and help you squeeze every last drop of enjoyment from the build-up to your day.

You deserve it!

Photo by Blinkbox Photos via Bridal Musings

Use #healthyhappybride on social media to share your stories and let us know what topics and issues you’d like us to cover.

Share you tips, musings, problems, or questions. We want Healthy Happy Bride to be a movement that’s all about you guys, whatever your pre-wedding worries are, chances are someone else has felt, or is feeling the same.

Well be kicking things off soon, so keep your eyes peeled for posts with the Healthy Happy Bride tag.

Until then, happy wedding planning!

Photo by Anna + Mateo via Bridal Musings
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