It's a bank holiday here in the UK (and many parts of the world!) so we couldn't think of a better time to practise our inner zen!

Over the last few weeks, the wonderful Lucie Lincoln has been stopping by to give you her tips and tricks for meditation in the lead up to your wedding. As a writer, mean meditator and newlywed herself, she sure knows what she's talking about!

So, for her third and final instalment in her series on finding peace in your wedding planning, Lucie's letting us in on her tips for something evening the most child our brides and grooms will find tough – keeping calm on the big day.

Take it away Lucie…

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Welcome to the final instalment of peace in the planning. It has been so great to go on this mediation journey with you all.

Over the last two posts I have looked at how we can use mediation to make wedding planning more joyful and more peaceful. We have looked at a basic practice and then how you can use meditation to combat some of the common wedding stresses.

Finally, I wanted to share a simple  practice you can use on your wedding morning to leave you calm, connected and joyful for the big day.

As we get closer to our wedding day time seems to fly. On the day itself you will have moments where time stands still and other moments were it is gone in a flash. As everything gathers momentum it is worth taking a little time to be present, to encourage yourself to cherish it all, and to recognise the great job you have done and the great joy you deserve. 

Then you can let all expectations go, all time go, and just enjoy your celebrations.

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Your Wedding Morning Practice

I know some of you may have busy mornings before your wedding, if this will just add another thing to the list, do it in the day before instead. All you need is 5 mins.

1. Find some space by yourself, and sit. Close your eyes and listen to your breathing

2. As you breath in and out feel a sense of calm in your body. Listen to the silence of your body and feel the stillness. Imagine a huge lake which is perfectly still, calm and silent.  As you breath feel the silence in your body and your internal strength.

Take a moment to sit like this and then imagine all of the joy, peace, happiness, serenity and love rushing into your body. Feel yourself filling up with all of the goodness in the world.

3. With this powerful positive energy, take a moment to think of your wedding day, not in detail, but just the day. Picture all of that loving joyful serene energy you have just absorbed flowing out of you and into your day.

Know with a deep certainty that today is a great day and everything will go exactly as it should, even if it's not all to plan it will in its own way be perfect.

4. Take a deep breath and smile, feel your whole body smiling with a serene joy. Move your hands to your heart and feel the love that is there and know that within this love lies great happiness.

5. Drop your hands, keep your smile and open your eyes knowing that this will be more wonderful than you could have ever dreamed.

Then go and have a great day.

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The last thing I want to say is perhaps the most important. 

Meditation is a great journey, you can find out so much about yourself and what you want as you sit on a meditation mat. 

That said it is easy to read something like this and think of it as another thing you need to do to be the perfect person.  It's easy to get caught up thinking that if you don't plan the whole wedding with the peace of a buddhist monk you have failed. 


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Let's be honest, you are busy, and yes, meditation can probably help some of that, so if you can find just two minutes to breathe it can make a huge difference.

But, if you don't find those two minutes, don't beat yourself up with the prefect bride stick.

We all want to plan the perfect wedding and be the perfect bride, but if you put yourself down because you haven't meditated you are defeating the point. Whether it is meditation or something else, give yourself a break.

You are doing a great job, the best you can, and that is all you need to do.

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I hope you find the time to give this a go, but whatever you do get married with a smile, because that, is the best feeling in the world! 

Thanks so much Lucie, what incredible advice, and I love what she says about not beating yourself up for getting stressed! As applies to all areas of wedding planning, don't put pressure on yourself to be perfect!

Check out Lucie's other posts on finding peace in your planning, and follow her regular musings on her blog, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. And if you're getting married over the coming months, don't forget to PIN THIS POST, so you have it to hand on your wedding morning!

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