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10 Reasons We Love The Wedding Shop

10 Reasons We Love The Wedding Shop 7

So if you’re a regular viewer of our Instagram Stories, you’ll know that last week we gave you a sneak peek of a really exciting collaboration we’ve been working on.

And today is the day we’re finally kicking it off!

This year we’re teaming up with The Wedding Shop to bring you a regular helping of advice and inspiration for your wedding registry.

It’s the first time we’ve ever done this kind of long term collaboration with a sponsor. But we’re such big fans of The Wedding Shop, that we’re really excited to get a little more in-depth with the services they offer and really share what they’re all about.

The Wedding Shop are the only UK and Irish wedding registry that offers such a breadth of products and services, so we figured we’d get this partnership started by sharing 10 reasons we think they rock.

And to be honest, there’s a lot more than 10!

10 Reasons We Love The Wedding Shop 11

1. Their Staff Know Their Stuff

First of all, the staff at The Wedding Shop are downright lovely. But they’ve also got an extensive knowledge of what they do.

They know their endless homeware collections inside out and have quite a talent for helping couples decide what’s right for their registry. They can offer invaluable advice in creating your gift list, and do so in a way that’s both welcoming and helpful.


2. The Amazing Brands

Think big names like Le Creuset, Kenwood, Dyson or Waterford Crystal. Chic favourites like Joseph Joseph, Bang & Olufsen, Kate Spade or The White Company.

And cool lesser-known international homeware brands like Vifa, Coveted London, Emalia, or Medard de Noblat, that you’re less likely to find in a regular department store.

Let’s just say, the offering is pretty extensive.

Photo by Ashley Ludaescher via Bridal Musings

3. You Can Add Anything To Your Registry


Not only do The Wedding Shop offer a huge selection of products, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for on their website, they’ll source it for you and add it to your list. Isn’t that great?


4. Their Stores Are Lovely

The Wedding Shop have a really easy-to-use website, but they also offer a wonderful in-store experience too. With showrooms in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, couples in the UK and Ireland can speak to someone in person and see the gorgeous products up close.

We checked out the showroom in Selfridges, where you can also shop the entire department store for your registry. It’s in a quiet, private section of the store too, and is a haven for you to discuss your registry away from all the bustle of Oxford Street.

The Wedding Shop
10 Reasons We Love The Wedding Shop 8

5. They Do The Cool & The Classic

While the stylish and quirkier items on The Wedding Shop site always get my attention, it’s important to remember that your wedding registry is setting you up for life too.

So while cool barware, a colourful lamp or some everyday cutlery might fit in with your current home and lifestyle, The Wedding Shop also offer luxury dining sets, quality cookware and gorgeous bedding that you’ll love and use for years to come.

It’s rare to find both the functional and the fanciful, in one place!


6. Your Guests’ Money Is Protected

When your guests are kind enough to celebrate your big day with gifts, it’s important that their money is secure.

The Wedding Shop operates a separate client trust account that holds all the money until the list is settled, guaranteeing absolute security and peace of mind.

10 Reasons We Love The Wedding Shop 9

7. You Can Have Experiences As Well As Things

Along with lots of lovely items for your home, with The Wedding Shop, your guests can also contribute to your honeymoon or gift you with a special experience.

A tasteful way to request a cash gift, their fund and experience options mean you’ll have lots to look forward to after your wedding, or you can get a head start saving for things like home improvements or travels.


8. It’s So Flexible

From allowing guests to pool funds for group gifts or make contributions to big ticket items, to allowing your list to stay open for up to 12 months after your wedding, there are lots of ways The Wedding Shop make your registry process as smooth as possible.

Our favourite touch though, is that they allow couples to swap gifts from their in-house brands after their list is closed, so you can be sure you get the pieces you love the most.

10 Reasons We Love The Wedding Shop 6
10 Reasons We Love The Wedding Shop 12

9. They Offer Giveback Gifts

It can seem indulgent asking for gifts, while also spending big on your wedding day. So by adding a charity fund for your favourite cause to your registry at The Wedding Shop, you can use your wedding gifts to give back.

Your guests can choose to give towards your chosen charity as a full gift, or split it between a product and a donation.


10. Their Service Is Free

All of the amazing services The Wedding Shop offers are free. Completely free.

Unlike many other registries, they don’t add fees to honeymoon funds or cash contributions, they don’t charge commission to any of the gifts your guests purchase, and they don’t add on admin fees. They’ll store your gifts for up to six months after your wedding for free AND they offer complimentary delivery.

All for zip. Zilch. Nada. Pretty wonderful, don’t you think?

Visit The Wedding Shop website for more information on their great wedding registry service.

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