Whether it's Christmas, their birthday, an anniversary, or the all-important wedding gift, we've always got lots of gift ideas on the go, from buying handmade presents, to gifts for wanderlusting travel-pros.

When it comes to buying a gift for your husband or wife-to be, you want it to substantial, meaningful, and maybe even a little romantic. And that's a lot of punch to pack into one present.

But as always, we're here for you!

We've come up with some sweet ideas for creating memories, bringing joy, and making your other half fall for you, even more!

Scroll down to check out our ideas for unique wedding gifts, (or awesome anytime presents!) and shop them online today.

(And that's another thing off the to-do list!)

1. Instant Camera

Polaroid Originals Instant Camera via Urban Outfitters

In years to come, there will be few things you'll treasure more in the world than old photos.

And while we all carry around cameras in our pockets every day, the chances of us ever actually printing any of those perfectly posed (and retaken twenty times!) selfies, is pretty slim. And they're not quite as special, are they?

An instant camera allows you to take fun, candid pictures, that you'll have, in the flesh, printed out. And to me, that's a pretty awesome gift to give your one and only.

2. A Surprise Getaway

Everyone loves a holiday, right? And trips away make the perfect gift for a partner – especially if you get to go along too!

Whether it's a visit to their favourite city, a relaxing spa break, or a beach holiday with all the trimmings, if you want to make your other half smile ear to ear, this is the gift!

If you're going for longer than a weekend, be sure to check-in with their work before you book, and visit sites like Booking.com and Expedia for great deals, and Tripadvisor for recommendations on where to eat and what to do when you get there.

Gifting memories is so much more special than gifting things. (We do enjoy things though!)

3. A Beautiful Fragrance

Photo by Lindsay Collette via Bridal Musings

It's nice to smell nice! Perfume and cologne are tried and tested couples gifts, and with good reason. Whether you splash out on a bespoke fragrance, or treat your beau to their favourite scent, no bride or groom should be without a perfume or cologne close to hand.

Some chic scents to consider, Le Labo Santal 33, Tom Ford Noir de Noir, Byredo Gypsy Water Roll-on and of course, Chanel No. 5.

4. A Forever Watch


Photo by Z Media via Bridal Musings

A nice watch is a timeless (no pun intended!) gift, that always feels special and meaningful when it's carefully chosen.

Whether you're buying for a guy or a girl, consider their tastes; do they prefer something casual and sporty, minimal and sleek or a little more flashy and statement.

Asos is a great place to shop for watches, with cool brands like Olivia Burton, Casio, and Skagen as well as more high-end designers like Ted Baker and Hugo Boss.

5. Furniture

Draper Media Console via Urban Outfitters

Okay so furniture might seem like a weird gift, but I think there's something so romantic about gifting your one and only with something so solid and permanent.

Now I'm not talking about must-have items like bed frames and sofas, it's the kind of non-essential, luxuries you might not buy yourself. A plush chair, a gorgeous tiled dresser, or a cool record player console.

Look to places like CB2, The White Company, Anthropologie, and Not on the Highstreet for something your beau will adore forever.

6. A Work of Art

Framed Florals Pressed Flower Frame via Madewell | Photo by Ty Wilson

I think a piece of art is one of the most romantic gifts you can give a person. My husband got me a piece from my favourite artist as a wedding gift and it really was so special.

While you can't really walk into a department store to pick up a unique painting, sculture or textile art, look to sites like Etsy and Urban Outfitters for affordable handcrafted artwork in a vast selection of styles.

7. Jewelry (Any Kind of Jewelry!)

Dollhouse Locket by Catbird

Okay, so I know I love all things gold and shiny more than most, but seriously, who doesn't love unwrapping a small package to find a gorgeous pair of earrings or a beautiful bracelet?

So this one is mostly for the ladies, but if your guy likes jewelry and you're stuck for what to get him, a cool brass bracelet or chunky ring is a cool present.

Some of our favourite places to find a unique, thoughtful, stylish jewelry for your other half include Wolf & Badger, Ylang23Swarovski, Goldsmiths, and Catbird. Oh and Mr Porter for the guys.

Oh and whatever you choose, get it engraved for a truly bespoke gift.

8. Experience Gifts

Photo by High Five For Love via Bridal Musings

Oh, I do love experience gifts. Whenever I'm stuck for what to buy my husband, it almost always ends up being an experience gift, and he *almost* always loves it.

Think a basketball game, ski trip, cooking classes, tasting trip in your favorite wine region or one of Airbnb's thousands of experiences in your local area (or to pair with a trip itself!)

Whatever you choose to book, learning new skills and making new memories is a pretty priceless present.

9. A Record Player


Crosley Record Player via Urban Outfitters

So this is kind of a simple one, but I have to say, our record player is one of the most beloved items in our home.

Not only does it get lots of use generally, but it's the kind of thing we appreciate even more when we're having a cosy night in with a few glasses of wine, making it really romantic too.

Give your other half some of their favourite artists on vinyl too to make a record player gift a little bit more personal.

10. The Gift of Food

View More: http://laurenjphotography.pass.us/eugene-styled-shoot

Photo by Lauren J Photography via Bridal Musings

Does anyone else have a food bucket list, or is that just me? If your other half is a bona fide foodie why not get them an edible gift?

Now I don't mean just some fancy steaks or a posh box of chocolates, I'm talking something really special. Perfecting the art of bread (& pizza!) baking, dinner in a world class restaurant, or a impressive supply of meat and cheese.

Epic food gifts rock!

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