Card by Sarah Burns Prints on Etsy

Now we're not ones to buy into all the commercialisation of Valentine's Day (why would you pay way over the odds for red roses when a bunch of wildflowers is just as gorgeous!), but we are pretty stationery obsessed.

So while we won't berate our other halves for not booking into a swanky restaurant this February 14th, we will most definitely be checking the postbox for a sweet card.

Valentine's Day cards used to be pretty generic, but with the likes of Etsy, designers have been getting so much more creative with their V'day greetings – and we love it.

From pop culture cards (You're the Jim to my Pam) to just plain lovely messages (You're My Favourite) there are a lot of choices out there. But our favourite Valentine's Day cards for fiancés, have to be the ones that acknowledge that this time next year, you're going to be hitched!

Even if you're not usually one for Valentine's cards, being engaged is the perfect time to make an exception, and take any excuse to tell your one and only that they rock…

Check out some of our favourite cards that do just that.

1. Baby Yoda Only One

Card from My Mane Store on Etsy

2. There's No One Else…

Card from Paper Source

3. My Greatest Adventure Letterpress

Card from Papersource

4. I Love You More Than…

Custom Card by Sarah Burns Prints on Etsy

5. Til Death Do Us Part

Card from Papersource

6. I'm So Glad We Found Each Other

Card from Papersource

7. Days Until…

8. The Barack to My Michelle

Card by Strange Kind of Grownup on Etsy

9. The Perfect Pair

Card by Hutch & Willow on Etsy

10. Made For Each Otter

Card from Papersource

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