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How to Elevate a DIY Wedding to a Wow-Worthy Celebration

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We’re endlessly impressed by the amazing things DIY brides and grooms pull together, from homemade cakes and handcrafted florals to self-styled table decor and calligraphy signage.

But what can all too often happen with DIY weddings, is that you start creating lots of the cool ideas you’ve seen on Pinterest, but when you bring them all together, it’s more of a hodge podge of crafts, rather than a cohesive look for your wedding day.

If you want to create a DIY wedding that looks as refined and stylish as a professionally planned event, we’ve got just the people to help!

With over 15 years experience, Carrie Turner and Michelle Chamoures are the South Carolina wedding planners behind The White Box; a chic, helpful ‘wedding planning kit’ in a box.

The White Box is filled with personalised tools to help you plan your wedding like a pro, without the expense of a full-service planner. So, who better than the ladies behind it, to share their tips for taking your DIY wedding to a whole other level…

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Identify your Unique Style

While we love Pinterest for curating inspirational details and design elements, it’s easy to lose focus of your vision without a clear objective.

Instead, look at your home – if you share one together, reflect on how you designed it. Take inspiration from the colors, textures, decor and finishings as well as the way you function in that space.

Also, look in both your closets – are there patterns and styles that you can easily identify as your ‘signature’ style? Your wedding should reflect your everyday personal style, just taken up a notch.

Also, think about your the places you’ve traveled to together, your favorite weekend activities, or your most celebrated cuisine.

These concepts will lead to thoughtful design decisions and will help you infuse your own personal vision into your wedding day.

Photo via The White Box

Be Inspired

How do you want your wedding to feel and what kind of experience do you want to give your guests? Maybe it’s romantic, eclectic, sophisticated or casual and comfortable.

Once you’ve selected a venue, use the natural environment as a starting point to build creative ideas. Consider both indoor and outdoor elements as well as seasonality.

Now is the perfect time to explore Pinterest, Instagram and other design sources to hone in on specific aspects, like tablescapes, lighting and floral (and, most importantly, how they work in harmony to create a cohesive design).

Avoid hyperfocusing on what’s ‘trending’ but rather what best reflects your style and overall vision.

Approach the Process with a Pro’s Mindset

Professional wedding planners have logistical finesse, flawless finishing touches and can anticipate some of those last-minute wedding-day changes.

You, too, can achieve that complete wedding day vision by starting the planning process with a similar level of confidence.

Just as a planner would do, take some time to fully understand your priorities as a couple and the key aspects of your wedding day that are most important to you. For instance, take the time to see a variety of performers in person if having a live band is non-negotiable.

Likewise, if you are a foodie, be sure to communicate your preferences and vision for a well-designed and creative meal with your caterer. Let those moments truly shine and, in turn, you create a wedding that is reflective, customized and unique.

Tap Into Both Sides of Your Brain; Creative & Logistical

The best design plans are possible with a concrete budget to support it.

Our best advice is to understand the true cost of each aspect in its most basic form and then take into account what each ‘upgrade’ or customization will add on.

Industry percentages are a great jumping off point, but feel free to wiggle around from there based on your priorities. Also, revisit that short list of non-negotiables that are truly important and focus your investment accordingly.

If having a flower wall is a top priority, understanding ways to make that vision a more affordable reality will help you avoid blowing the budget.

From a functional standpoint, utilize the resources you have, to best design a floor plan and design that will complement the flow of the wedding activities – from ceremony through the reception.

Marry your creative vision with the reality of what your wedding day will demand, both logistically and financially. Then, you’ll be able to justify their importance and negotiate with yourself on the areas that may be less of a priority.

Most of all, when your wedding day arrives – enjoy yourself. Take a few moments together in a quiet corner to admire the way your vision came together and memories you’ve created.

About The White Box

Delivered to their doorstep, each White Box includes a customised roadmap reflective of the couple’s vision, budget and style – from the big-picture budget down to linen samples, creative menu designs, floor layouts, timelines, furniture rentals and so much more.

Couples are then invited to a virtual dashboard where all the plans are housed, for easy access throughout the process.

For more information on The White Box, visit the website, or check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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