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The 2017 Homeware Trends To Include on your Wedding Registry

Nkuku Odho and Anook Marble Liestyle

Your wedding gift registry is an opportunity to receive timeless things for your home, that you’ll love forever.

But if my mum and dad’s 70s orange electric whisk is anything to go by (it still works, by the way!), there’s also scope to pay homage to what’s in fashion in the year you get married, and double up with pieces you’ll still adore in years to come.

So, in our continued partnership with our friends at The Wedding Shop, we’ve put together a guide to 2017’s biggest, yet most enduring homeware trends, with our pick of pieces that will be just as chic in 2047, as they are today…

Pink & Green

1. A Touch of Greenery

As this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Greenery will be synonymous with 2017 for the rest of time – so it’s a fitting choice to add a little of the hue to your wedding registry.

As a fresh, bright, spring-like colour, the greenery trend works really well as an accent tone, paired with deeper greens, copper or white – pink and green is also a very cool combo right now.

Perfect for soft furnishings, it’s also beautiful as part of a table setting with side plates or serveware in this punchy foliage tone.


2. Copper Calling

Copper homewares have been enjoying a moment for a while now, but they’re not going away any time soon.

Pieces that somehow look both old fashioned, and new and modern all at once, make this a trend you’ll love now, but an aesthetic you’ll enjoy long after the trend has passed.

Copper pots and cookware are a classic, and even if you don’t have your dream kitchen just yet, the joy of these pieces is that they look great hanging up outside your drawers and cabinets.

Likewise, copper lighting and decorative pieces are a savvy choice – and we’re just loving the new selection of bronze-hued kitchen electrics.

Classic Dualit in Copper at The Wedding Shop from £129

3. Tickled Pink

Pink might seem a frivolous or faddy choice for homewares, but a few carefully chosen pieces will be statement items in your home for years to come.

From bold and bright tropical pinks, to soft, almost nude tones, there’s a vast range of ways to style pink into your home without it looking like a Barbie dream house (though would that be such a bad thing!).

Pair pink decorative pieces next to house plants or natural textures like wood or slate for a less synthetic take on the trend. Whether it’s lighting, crockery or cookware, select pink items for your registry that aren’t too feminine, to keep the look more contemporary.

Le Creuset Stoneware Collection in Chiffon Pink

4. Geometric Design

Geometric design is one of those timeless looks that’s always in style in some form, whether it’s chevron or stripes. So you needn’t worry that these pieces will be ‘too trendy’ for your registry.

We love the idea of mixing and matching different geometrical prints or adding texture, for a more eclectic feel to the traditionally linear aesthetic.

And as much as we love them, this trend doesn’t have to be restricted to prints on kitchenware or patterns in textiles. Look to statement pieces like terrariums, lighting or even furniture, that are geometric pieces in their own right, to add touches of this trend throughout your home.

Geometric Design

5. Artisan Materials

This is probably my favourite trend of the lot, and something I definitely want to add more of in my home.

Influenced by both the Scandi homeware aesthetic and the move towards all things organic, this trend embraces wood, slate, marble, cement, wicker and pottery. We love the mix of tones and textures that this one lends, and how natural pieces can be paired together so effortlessly.

If you do want to avoid your home looking too mismatched and rustic, add items to your registry with clean lines and similar colours, for a more chic, modern feel to the mixed material trend.

Nkuku Odisha Slate Platters
Artisan Materials

6. Animal Instincts

Homeware trends involving animals tend to come and go (remember everyone was into taxidermy a couple of years back?), but a few choice pieces blended into your registry will add a lot of style and personality to your home.

This playful trend is all about personal preference, whether you’re a dog person or a cat lover, prefer your animals on the wild side or love all things maritime.

The Wedding Shop works with some fabulous brands and designers from around the world, so there are lots of both quirky and classic options for bringing this trend into your list.


Visit The Wedding Shop website for more information on their amazing wedding registry service.

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