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Cool, Colourful Portuguese Wedding Film (With a Gorgeous Bride in a Red Dress)

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This must be the week for special couples and dreamy wedding films, because we’ve got another unique one to share with you guys today.

Luísa & Miguel got married in Lisbon, Portugal, with a stylish, (Luísa’s red dress is unreal!) unique, wedding that was just brimming with love. And their wedding film, by the awesome Vanessa & Ivo makes that love truly palpable.

I’ve watched it a few times now, and I still well-up every time!

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From the Filmmakers

This bride is very special. She’s a dreamer, a rebel, one of the best people we know and she never gives up. She’s a rock and roll bride in and out and she inspires other brides with her awesome blog Sweet Rebel Bride.

Their wedding had everybody helping. Miguel’s sister made the wedding rings and put them in a special cassette case. Miguel’s rock band played the song for Luísa and her father special walk in.

Her dress was red and her bridesmaids wore white. They had their wedding in front of a stage and everybody cried.

They rocked their wedding!



Watch Luísa & Miguel’s Awesome Wedding Film

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