Whether you've got a signature scent, a fragrance for every occasion or you're an eau de toilette novice, chances are you're going to want a special wedding day perfume.

Scent is one of our most powerful and long-lasting memory recalls. Douse yourself in a special perfume unique to your special day and you'll be able to bring back those wedding-day feelings for a lifetime.

For me, I wore Gypsy Water by Byredo, gifted by my then-fiance and oh-so-very-soon-to-be husband, Jack. Such a perfect wedding day gift idea for your bride!

And for you, it might be something fresh, something floral, a touch of musk or citrus. Or, maybe something altogether more masculine. Does anyone else love ‘borrowing' men's colognes? Genderless fragrances are thankfully now the norm, which is why we've included so many hip and modern perfumeries below.

Whatever your scent style, we've come up with our own edit of ten beautiful bridal fragrances, that will have you smelling just as fabulous as you feel, when you're walking up the aisle to meet your future husband or wife.

1. The Ultimate Classic

Your wedding is a chance to splurge on a fragrance you wouldn't normally buy for yourself. So, why not go for the ultimate perfume classic, Chanel No. 5? The perfume's bouquet unfolds with rose, jasmine and a touch of ylang-ylang.

No. 5 by Chanel

2. Match Your Bouquet

We know plenty of brides who would happily douse themselves in the wedding floral world's favorite bloom: peonies. Jo Malone, a classic name in fragrance, pairs peonies with fragrances of rose and honey, making this a sweet and opulent fragrance for your wedding day.

Peony & Blush Suede Cologne by Jo Malone

3. Blushing Bottle

Nasomatto's Narcotic V. perfume is “the result of a quest for the overwhelming addictive intensity of female sexual power”. So, what we mean to say is this is a fragrance for both your wedding day and wedding night.

Narcotic V. Extrait de Parfum by Nasomatto

4. A Genderfull Fine Fragrance

New cult fragrance maker, Boy Smells, creates “genderful fine fragrances”, meant for anyone – brides and grooms. While, ultimately, we've chosen Flor de la Virgen for the cheeky name in relation to weddings, the scent is a delightful balance of feminine jasmine petals and masculine musks.

Flor de la Virgen by Boy Smells

5. Kiss From a Rose

Douse yourself in a bouquet of Grasse roses and you'll be ready for wedding day romance. Filled with woodsy scents and warm spices, this is a more balanced rose fragrance than a floral and fruity one.

Rose 31 Eau de Parfum by Le Labo

6. Wedding in the Orange Groves

With scents of orange, Italian bergamot and cardamom, No. 12 Bousval by Maison Louis Marie evokes images of al fresco wedding dinners between rows of orange trees in Old World Europe.

No. 12 Bousval by Maison Louis Marie

7. Like a Classic White Wedding Gown

We could choose one of many Byredo perfumes as the perfect wedding-day scent for brides. Blanche, like the name suggests, takes inspiration from the color white. Using scents of white rose, violet and sandalwood, the perfume represents purity and innocence. Byredo founder Ben Gohrum says this perfume symbolizes classic beauty, a fitting metaphor for a bride on her wedding day.

Blanche by Byredo

8. A Seductive Scent

Taking inspiration from the city itself, Marrakech is a seductive fragrance featuring woody, spicy notes and fresh florals. Brides who prefer an unorthodox fragrance will find it deeply alluring. As will their future husband or wife.

Marrakech Intense by Aesop

9. Editor Christina Castello's Pick

Our rock and roll brides looking for a boutique fragrance that mimics their free-spirited nature (did we just perfectly describe our Fashion Editor, Christina Castello?) can shop blissfully from Thin Wild Mercury's artisinal collection.

Chateau, 1970 takes inspiration from both Led Zeppelin and Jim Morrison's stays in Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s residence. “Your bungalow is adorned with roses, alive and wilting. You are enveloped in crisp hotel linens, dirtied by last nights romp. The vintage furniture’s wood smell permeates the room, steam creeps from beneath the bathroom door while your lover showers.” For anyone imagining their wedding party as such, this perfume is for you.

Chateau, 1970 by Thin Wild Mercury

10. Editor Claire Eliza's Pick

This one is sexy. Described as “the smell of horse riding on the fields of Grasse” Iris Sur Mer by BOTANYC brings about scent memories of summery fields of florals, the salty scent of the Meditteranean Sea, leather saddles and animalistic musk.

Iris Sur Mer by BOTANYC

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