Making a wedding gift list when you’re a bride is totally kosher in my book (maybe I’m biased given I’ve already made one). From practical presents to use on our wedding day to those pretty little things that I dream to splurge on but likely won’t given the many other essential wedding budget priorities.

Whether you’re the bride or you have one near and dear to your heart, there are plenty of thoughtful and splurge-worthy goodies out there for your gift list, and we’ve teamed up with Kacey Mya Bradley of The Drifter Collective to update our Gorgeous Gift Ideas For The Bride In Your Life.

Gift List Guide from Kacey of The Drifter Collective

Whenever a wedding rolls around, most people head straight for the gift registry. There, they find a list of everything the bride and groom need. And, while those gifts are appreciated and useful, in some situations, you might want to look for something more unique and personal. Whether the bride is your bride-to-be, your best friend, your mom or your sister, you want to do something unexpected and special for her.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gifts to choose from that are memorable, thoughtful and useful, whether or not they’re on the registry. The following are nine unique gift ideas to buy a bride who is dear to your heart.

Personalized Coffee Cups

Chances are, your bride-to-be has a whole list of kitchen items that she wants for her newlywed nest. Plates, bowls, silverware, casserole dishes, pots, pans – the options are endless. So, if you pick up these personalized coffee mugs, she’ll certainly put them to good use, too. They’re extra special because they’re custom made by an Etsy artisan to feature the bride and groom’s new last name.

How-To Guide to Cooking

Perhaps you know your best friend and bride-to-be isn’t quite the most experienced cook. You can fix all that by scooping up a copy of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking. This isn’t a cookbook, but rather a how-to guide on becoming the master chef you know she could be if only she’d give it a shot (and give up on Domino’s).

Pre-Wedding Pampering Kit

Will your girl niake care of herself first or last? If the answer is the latter, then you have to do your best to put the bride’s well being back into the spotlight, especially if she’s running herself too thin while planning her wedding. A calming bath set could inspire her to take a few minutes’ rest, relax and restore her glow just in time for the big day.


Wedding Day Jewelry

If you know the bride well enough, investing in a piece of jewelry for her to wear down the aisle could be the most memorable gift of all. She’s already got her engagement ring, but other diamond accents could shed even more light on her. You’ll want to consider her ring’s style, as well as the style of her dress before picking up a set of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet to match her overall wedding look.


Cake Stand

Tradition says that every newlywed couple should save the top tier of their wedding cake and eat it after a happy, successful year of marriage. Use your bridal shower gift to think ahead to that special day: give the bride a cake stand with a note saying it’s for serving that one-year-old confection she’ll soon have waiting in her freezer.


Handmade Map

If you’re close to the bride, you probably know where she met her fiancé and where they fell in love. Or maybe they always vacation in the same place or share a love for the same city. Perhaps they come from the same hometown. No matter what the story is, you can commemorate the place where their love blossomed with a custom contour map from Pangea. The eye-catching result will hang on their wall for years to come, we promise.


Photographed by Claire Eliza via Bridal Musings

Custom Ring Dish

The fun of wedding planning and bride-to-be-ing starts with a ring, of course. Because this isn’t just any piece of jewelry – it commemorates a life that’ll be spent together in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. It should have a special place to go when it’s not on the bride’s finger. This sweet customized ring dish will do the trick, holding onto the ring and showcasing the couple’s initials and wedding date to boot.


Monogram Stamp

A bride has a lot of post-wedding thank you notes to send. And, with each note, she has to pen a return address in the upper left-hand corner of each envelope she sends. Save her from impending carpal tunnel with this personalized monogrammed mail stamp, or these many style options at Simply Stamps, which will beautifully print her new last name and address on every single envelope she sends from here on out.


12 Ways to Add a Monogram to Your Wedding Day - Invitations | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Photographed by Kina Wicks via Bridal Musings

Pretty Vow Books

Wedding day keepsakes can be tearjerkers for years to come. Beyond the photos and videos, your bride can save and remember each word of those special vows for years to come with pretty, luxury vow books. Handmade, with gorgeous velvet covers, silk ribbons, and luxury papers this gift will be a keepsake that can last a lifetime.


Here Comes the Gift

These are just nine ideas, but there’s so much you can do to lavish your favorite bride-to-be in the days and weeks leading up to her wedding. A thoughtful gift is just one way to show her how much you care, but your presence and support is something she’s sure to value too as she makes her way toward the big day. By grabbing one of these custom gifts and standing by her side, you’ll give her the best of both worlds — and that’s something she won’t soon forget.


Photographed by Darin Images via Bridal Musings

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