Are you making your own wedding cake? Baking a variety of wedding pies? Or maybe you're leaving the dessert table your talented pastry chefs?

No matter which dessert route you're taking, you're probably going to need a cake stand or two!

Photo by Anja Schneemann via Bridal Musings

The great thing about this little piece of wedding decor is that if you shop for ones you'd actually want to show off in your own home, you can keep and reuse them after the wedding. Think of all the “awwws” you'll feel when you serve a special date-night dessert on your wedding cake stand!

How to Choose a Cake Stand

It might seem silly to need a “how-to guide” when it comes to purchasing a stand for your wedding cake but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Mainly, how big will your cake be?

A tall tiered wedding cake is going to need a wider, heavier base. No one (especially your cake baker) wants to see your precious wedding cake topple over.

Daintier, thinner pedestal cake stands are better for smaller desserts like cupcakes, cookies, and pies.

Lazy Susan-style cake stands are great for displaying a variety of desserts, but again, might be a bit unstable for those magnificent, tall-tiered wedding cakes.

If you're filling up a dessert table with tiny desserts, little petit fours and such, don't forget about the tiered cake stands one might find at a proper English teahouse.

We searched through the depths of Etsy & beyond to find 15 perfect choices for cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies & whatever other wedding desserts you can imagine.

15 Cake Stands for Your Wedding Desserts

Modern Cake Stand by A Heirloom via Etsy

Large Marble Cake Stand by CB2

Vintage Pink Glass Cake Stand from D Marie Travino Design via Etsy

Personalized Ceramic Cake Stand by Jeanette Zeis via Etsy

Marble Cake Stand by Shoppe Amber Interiors

Farmhouse Cake Stand by White Tea Cup Cottage via Etsy

Marble Cake Stands by Gresham

Chateau Wooden Cake Stand by Pottery Barn

Glass Cake Stand by The White Company London

Glenna Cake Stand by Anthropologie

Rosemary Cake Stand by Anthropologie

Samantha White Cake Stand by Belle & June Home Decor

Wooden Tray for Desserts by Shop Treasured 1 via Etsy

Springtime Cake Stand by Le Creuset

Estelle Colored Glass Cake Stand via West Elm

Once you've chosen your favorite cake stands, you might want to browse our favorite cake toppers (the deer & doe one is so cute!) and brush up on your cake-making skills & cash in on our pie baking secrets.