I'm pretty sure most of you know about BHLDN's amazing bridal gowns, bridesmaid's dresses, accessories and wedding decor…BUT have you had a proper look see around the BHLDN website? It's pretty awesome, to say the least.

At the moment, this is what you see on the homepage as you hear the waves lapping on the shore…blissful.

Here's just some of the interactive and inspiring features you'll find:

The BHLDN moodboard maker ~ I love any online tools that can help brides create inspiration boards {they're not just for the likes of designers and bloggers!} This is very similar to Style Me Pretty's inspiration board maker with a host of lovely images at your fingertips. I like the fact that you can start with one of their boards & add to it.

There's this darling interactive paper appreciation page! Paper goods rock!

A Cosmo esque ‘what kind of bride are you?' quiz ~ I'm ‘Nostalgic Romantic' FYI. Which makes perfect sense if you check out our wedding!

A ‘more ways than one' feature ~ beautifully presented ideas on how to use their products {or your own} in different ways.

And surely your maids will love you forever if you decide on BHLDN bridesmaids dresses? They can be worn again long after your big day!

So go on, explore BHLDN and have a play ~ it's my favourite distraction at the moment!

And if you take the what kind of bride are you? quiz, do come back and let us know ~ I'd love to hear!